Saturday, April 25, 2015

Caturday Cravings

This week is definitely better than the last. 
At 12:30 AM, My heart wants nothing more than a 3 pc pancake 
along with that good ole cup a joe at McD's 
They should consider serving breakfast all day. 

I was supposed to write about my recent trip to Tagaytay tonight but I gotsa edit more photos, maybe tomorrow when I'm not too lazy, Cheers! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


To the love of my life, may this post brighten your day. 

Park Bom

Missing this lovely lady a little too darn much. 
Bommie, please come back!

I made a couple of changes on my layout a few days ago, I really like how it turned out.
It looks a lot more zen and muted, don't you think? Like indie, summer, vintage, boho thing. 
Hubby preferred the pinky cat layout, but I have been wanting to go to the beach so..
Anyway, trying to post as much as I can tonight, gotta put that Sick Leave to good use. 

It's not always about me.

It's not always about me. 
But dear, how I wish it were. 
Whoever said I'm a little lost soul
Would be good as damned. 

Some people accomplish more when they're unattached. 
Staying focused, disciplined, these are two things I lack severely. 
I get distracted easily, a fault I happen to find endearing. 
And since I cannot, for the life of me, stay focused. I would have to limit my distractions.
That way, I can get more shit done. 

My strongest qualities include cutting people off, no regrets, no crying over severed bonds.
Along with Resilience, Perseverance, Will. I'm going to get there.
Sharing this super cute photo for others who are keeping themselves motivated. Hang on, lovelies.