Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Bird.

Hello my lovelies!
How are you all?
I hope everyone is doing fine!
I know I am! 

A few days ago, my godmother came to visit after 10 years of living in the US.
I'm so happy because my godmother and I are really close
And she is married to one of the coolest guy I know. 

We have been pigging out every night since the come back!
They brought their 4 lovely children with them. 
It's so nice to have the whole family around once in a while
Although, it gets a little tiring because I have to go to work every night.
But we all try to be make the most out of their time since they'll be leaving soon.

I don't know if I've expressed my dislike for frozen yogurts in this bloggie.
But I used to hate them, they are sour and meh! ice cream forever!
That is until I had NYCheesecake flavored yogurt.
Tastes just like ice cream! so myeah, I don't hate frozen yogurts anymore XD

I told my godmother how much I lack make up things
I showed her my puny make up kit
She looked at me like I did something sacrilegious :)) 
So she hooked me up right away!
Now I have plenty of make up things.
Then my mom saw my babies and took some ._.

Aww and a while ago, this little fella flew in to our house.
Omg, there's like 13 cats walking around our living room!
So we all panicked when they started running after the little guy!
 Good thing my dad caught it before the cats did!
We sent it off after feeding it. 

I leave you darlings with this photo of my sister and I.
Dear sister, I admit that you are sexier than I will ever be.
But I will always be far cuter than you are.
We talk like that all the time! lolol

Tomorrow my godmother's dad is coming from Taipei
We are going to celebrate Chinese New Year with them.
I am really excited, I will try to avoid getting into a food coma.
I hope you darlings are going to have an amazing week ahead!
Til next post!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Hello my lovelies
Happy Friday!
Any plans for the weekend? 

I hate myself for a lot of things
But you know what I hate most?
The fact that I always tend to over think and worry. 
To the point where I like, create my own stress or problems

C'mon just give me one time, just one time!
When I don't have to worry about anything, about anyone!
Sheesh, looks like grumpy me needs a vacay!

But you know what?
By the end of the day, with lots of prayers, good hopes and a good doze of wishful thinking..
Top it off with good company over a cup of coffee.
I just know it! Everything is going to be okay :) 

 And I can smile again.

Finally, a successful attempt at falsies!
These are the super cheap ones, I didn't have the heart to use
the one I have from Etude cause I might screw up again.
But I bought this really good lash glue and it worked okay!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Gloomy

Hello lovelies!!
How's everyone doing?
I hope you are all enjoying your weekends!

This week was pretty much okay. 
Mom went shopping for stuff a few days ago
I came with.
We went to the mommy boutique
 So I wasn't able to find anything for myself :(
You know how mommy styles are, my mom is into classy and not kawaii
But I love you, mom! 
I know I wasn't much help but I guess I chose the right ones
 whenever she ask me which piece looked better on her hehe. 
I'm glad mom got what she was exactly looking for. 

An elegant white top and a smexy pair of pants.
When we got back home, she was like this.
Mom's friends told me that she was the hottie during their time.
And it shows, specially when there is the need for her to dress up
Just that sometimes, I think she forgets she's 42.

So  my kawaii loving friends, Let me show my new babies!
       These are small gloomy bears, we got them online.
           Tough guy aka the boyfie bought most of them
           in order to surprise me.

They are the cutest, pinkest, fluffiest, 
most bad ass stuffed animal toys ever ._.
I really hope you liked them!

They are all pretty small, but I wouldn't mind
owning a larger one
*cough cough*

This little guy is my favorite!
Baby Gloomy is super chibi
And just too cute for words!

I feel so lucky to have acquired them online without using a card.
I experienced a traumatic incident before which involves
fraudulent charges on my parent's account.
I avoided purchasing things online using a card ever since.
I got into a lot of trouble then.

 Received an award from my new blogger friend, 
the super stylish Tasja 
I don't deserve this cause as much as I LOVE fashion, it definitely doesn't show. 
Not on this blog at least, I can never match up to my lovelies here who posts their coordinates so.. maybe I will next time when I'm actually wearing something interesting.

Here are the rules

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award to recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about this award. 

I present this award to my newly discovered lovelies!
Aki Reina Moon

  7 Things About Me

1. I sing The teacup song when I see something cute.
"I'm a little teacup short and stout!" Yes, that song!
Doesn't matter who I'm with as long as I'm with someone lol
Usually occurs when I see a chubby kitty!

2. I am very very very impatient, I like doing things fast and it annoys me to death
whenever I get affected by others' (cough cough, tough guy) inability to.

3. The only make up I own: 1 bb cream, 1 pressed powder, 1 lipbalm, 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses, 1 pencil eyeliner, 2 eyeshadow palletes, 1 lip and cheek tint, no blush. 
And the rest I borrow from my mom. 

4. Usually I would choose tea or fruit juice over soda, but then there is the coke or pepsi question. So yeah, definitely Coke.

5. I like eating breakfast corn cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. I am a weeper! By that I mean, I cry a lot. A heart warming movie, a good book, a sad story, a song, a memory. It's really troublesome but I couldn't quite control it! Man, how I wish I were stone cold and emotionless lol. 

7. I also keep a real journal, very messy, illegible writing, quick notes, schedules, dates, sketches. I'm lost without it! 

 I missed out two days worth of posts, 
lotsa blogger work for me!
So if you lovelies are wondering, 
this is how my weekend is going to be. 
So, that's sleeping, texting, listening to music, watching movies, random dancing, coffee, playing with the kitties, and spending some lovey dovey time with tough guy.
It's gonna be boring, So I hope you'll spend yours better! 
Have a great weekend lovelies!

And hello! Want to win this?!
To die for right?! Then check this lovely lady out!!