Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bunnies and Books

Hello my sweethearts!! July ended too soon, ne?
The "ber" months are swiftly approaching! Soon it'll be fall, then Christmas!
Then my birthday, then the end of the world!
Just kidding darlings, don't believe in that end of the world crap.

Meheheh, my tough guy and I went to the bookstore a few days ago.
We both love books, we can stay there for hours browsing for potential titles.
Do I sound geeky? I'm sorry, there are plenty of cool things there, too. 
Like Moleskines, and manga, and graphic novels, magazines... like you didn't know that..

My sneaky ninja is sneaky!

Here are some titles which caught my attention.
These might interest you, too. Bookies or non Bookies!
Plenty of good reads with synopsis and reviews on the link below. 


Well, other than that, this week has been pretty dull, like the weather. 
But it's nice to extend my sleeping hours though, lazy bed weather!
 My tough guy is always at my place, with my mom and sister and all, haha!
He's been helping with the chores at home so yay for sweet guys like him. 

Now, onto some cuteness! 
Spreading the Miffy love.

Aren't they the cutest?!

These are the larger ones. 

These be all of them, lol.
 Like one big happy family. 

This is actually my sister's..which I stole. 
But it wouldn't be called that since we're sisters! right? ._.

Love Bunnies, black bunny is wearing white bunny's panties.
Cause he was naked when I got him and it bothered me D:

Tiny love bunnies and Cinnamoroll who's actually a puppy... 
Well, he looks like a bunny! ;A;

And this photo is for Naka, she asked me to take a photo of my plushies.
Unfortunately, there aren't enough of them to cover the entire floor. 
 I hope this would suffice, til I get more. It's a photo which I took from an overpriced plushie booth.
Hope you likey, sweety!

Now sweethearts, I need your opinion on this. Say, you're in a relationship.
Would you be okay with your partner casually flirting with someone you don't even know?
Oh, let me coin the term "harmlessly flirting," behind your back. 
No strings attached, just the usual flirting stuff.
It's not my tough guy so you can bash or lash all you want!
I've spoken with people who are "secured" with themselves and are alright with it.
And with people who are totally against it. What's your say on this? 

Kind of trivial huh? I'll tell you all about when I get the chance!
Til then, let's all have a wonderful week ahead, yes?
Til next post darlings!

On a lighter note, I dunno what I did right but well.. I did something right, I guess.
I welcome my new sweethearts with much gusto, 282 wow! Thank You! 
And to think I write irrelevant things plainly out of habit. 
I promise to catch up with everyone's updates and comments as soon as I get home!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Puppy Power!

 Hello my darlings! How are you all?!
 As you might have noticed I've given my blog a face lift.
I'm pretty pleased with it, not fully content though, but this works okay.
I added some widgets and updated my daily reads, and I've disqus now, too!
I just couldn't get it to work on my classic layout, which sucks cause it was almost perfect. 
I'll go see if I can add some more tweaks on this bloggie!

I did my nails the other day,  it turned out okay. 

I mean, it's not as gruesome as I would have expected.
Plus the stickers were very easy to work with lol. 

I went thrifting that same day, I wasn't particularly looking for anything.
Nor did I intend to purchase anything for that matter, just the usual looking around. 

But of course I ended up buying something. Like this sweet, pink Cecil McBee top.
 Which I purchased a while back, and a 3/4 cut-sleeves blazer.
Just cause I found myself in need of something that can pass for semi-formal/corporate. 

A cute, floral off-shoulder top from my Mom.
Thanks, Ma!

These babies were on sale, still kind of pricey but definitely a steal 
Once you consider the brand and condition, they looked almost brand new! 
Unfortunately, they were sold just when I've convinced myself to get them, woe is me. 

 I mentioned puppies, didn't I? Here they are!

So, I'm Nicole, my sister is Nataline, this be Nigel, our Aspin sweetheart.

And my mom's Pomeranian, Bruce. So spoiled!
We have three more dogs at home but I'll post photos some other time. 

Since I started with pups, I thought now'd be a good time to show some puppy power lol!
Here are some dog charms/plushies I've acquired, there's not much of them though. 
But I'm still kinda hoping to stumble on a Homekoro Pomeranian.

Hee very cute Iiwaken from SanX

I think his darling is Hachiko 
*manly tears*

Afroken, oh! I've quite a number of Afroken characters! can't wait to show you some time!

I know Mofy is a bunny, but it looks more like a puppy to me, heeee!
Very cute, nonetheless! 

So tadaa! sorry for neglecting my blog yet again *punish*
I've been pretty busy with things at home, 
and I hoped you like my new layout.I made it all cute and stuff just for you!
Time to catch up with your posts!
So, til next post darlings!


Btw, We experienced an earthquake just a few hours ago, magnitude 6, I was so scared.
I hope mother nature would give us something more reasonable to watch out for.
Like a zombie apocalypse or something, I'm just so deathly scared of earthquakes. D:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kitty Minions.

Hello Darlings!!! how is everyone?
Weekends!! Hello, can it get any better than that!?
Well, you know, I'm always, quite unusually happy on Fridays.

I got this package from a seller-friend! I was so happy cause it was a complete surprise.
That friend of mine sent me an sms telling me that she has a couple of cute Marunekos for sale.
I wasn't online that time nor could I get in to a computer so I told her I'd get it, no questions asked. 

Omo, I was so happy when I saw them, I was almost in tears, she even gave that heart thingy!
I threw an Ayu fit! Oh, this is what you call an Ayu Moment.

LOL! so cute, Ayu! 

I was so bored that day so I decided to clean my plushie stash. 
Then, my cats came to terrorize me :I

Princess Kitty 

See, if plushies weren't enough, she went for my grampa comb next!
I like using grampa combs, and that's me trying to pull it away from her.
Some people thought I was shoving it >.<

Meheheh! look at my kitty, she's so pissed at me for disrupting her play time.
Meh, that's what you get for not letting me finish my work! Evol kitteh!

This handsome kitty is my minion, I call him Littol Titteh. LOL!
He's very sweet and he comes whenever I call him, he is very fat, too. 
He's almost 8 months now and to think he was only a baby when I saw him in the streets. 

Littol Kitteh 8 months ago

Cold, heartless people. How can you leave something so precious in the streets?!
Well, whoever left him there, thanks! cause my minion grew up healthy and handsome and sweet.
And I wish people would stop throwing animals away, it's immoral, fear karma!

Well, here are some kitty plushies! which where abused by my cats earlier. 

Nyanko is a potential obsession, cause it's so tiny and cute. 

Paw! it so soft and squishy

This is a pair, the other half, I've yet to find. 

Cute kitty! it has belly button!

Nyago from Sanrio. 


So I hope you liked this catty post! heee, it makes me feel happy to know
that there are others who appreciate the things I am most passionate about. 
Sorry, if collecting is the only talent I can display, it's not even a talent fml :(( 
I am good at other things, too. But you'd totally unfriend me once you see it.
Also, I am looking forward to a lot of important things this weekend, please pray for me!!
Til next post lovelies!