Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweet Dreams

A bittersweet end to 2012. 
Tonight, I just can't help but remember the deaths of Suoh Mikoto and Hyuga Neji
Oh heart. I shall sleep with a broken heart.

Oh well, *remembers that awful post I made when Itachi died not too long ago*
Wonder why all my favorites die T3T

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Koi Fish

The start of 2013 wasn't easy for me, We had to take my mum to the hospital and she had to undergo an operation because of an infected wound on her finger which was a result of her Diabetic condition. We were so relieved cause we thought they were going to cut her finger off but luckily they managed to save it. But *sigh* it's gonna take another 2 weeks of antibiotics before they can finalize whether or not it'll heal up completely, but doc said the signs are good so far, just didn't want to make any statements til then. 

Mommy's fighting spirit lol!

the view from our window


Hi Maruneko!

Every morning and evening, my mom and I would walk around and drink coffee/chill. 

maruneko would tag along, too lol!

spotted this pretty little thing :3

with the pretty fishies!

I really liked that white one, some hyper active fishies they are.

Anyway, This is to all of us! 2013 fighting!
Til tomorrow!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pastel Cats

Hello! Sure is nice to be back! *streeeetch*
Now, I'm wondering how many posts can I publish in one sitting. hmm~
Boy oh boy~ But better have one than none. So what better way to start off this bloggie than to post my recent cuteness acquisitions, these were bought around oct to dec of last year, I just got around to taking photos so without further ado.

The cutest pile in the world that day. How cute is the mint Arpakasso and the Ice Cream Rila! I've yet to take photos but for the mean time, some Maruneko Club goodness! 

These three came in from Japan via our local shopping service. I really like the blue one best cause of the fuzzy turtle on top ;) purple one with onigiri wants to loose some pounds lol!

These are two of my favorites! That little rascal with the strawberry screams Ichigo love!
If I'm going to name them, it'll be Ichigo and Hana, or maybe, Momo instead of Hana? 

One can only imagine my delight when I got these!! They actually Akechi Mitsuhide and Oda Nobunaga, they look like they're BFFs lol! Nice beard, Nobu-sama! I am quite the samurai junkie but we'll get more in to samurai cats later on this week, I am actually working on a diorama, just waiting for a few more cats to come in... Shinsengumi cats.. ;)) *or am I the only one excited here?!*

A handful of little rascals!Grrr lookie the furry haired one, so fluffy!!

Yay for kitty coin banks! Won't you be compelled to save if say, these kitties are asking you to feed them monnies? lol

I was told they were quite rare since the coin bank collection was manufactured way way back, but iono! so long as they're Maruneko Club ;)
So there! That is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as kawaii stuff is concerned.

I am also going to give myself a pat on the back because I've completed my favorite collection from Maruneko, Sakura love goodness!!
Also, my mum just got out of the hospital, thank goodness. 
Will go in to details tomorrow, so see ya!