Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pause and Rewind

I never thought I'd say this but..
There is really going to be a time in every person's life when one would just have to pause for a while and think.
Whether the path you are taking will lead you to where you want to be.
How long will the ride take?
And are you even sure that's the right place for you to begin with? 
And if not, is it too late to stop? 
Can I change phase?
Kinda hard when you don't have PAUSE and REWIND.

Just a sudden, not to mention random epiphany.
Been living in the fast lane for as long as I can remember 
I thought I've forgotten how to stop and think.
Never paid that much attention to signs and directions.
I just kept on moving forward.
Contemplating can either be fun or deadly

A recent purchase
Connector rings with "LOVE"
Prolly the only thing I did right for the past 3 years. 
Instant ramen noodles for breakfast then back to work.

ugghh, I need to get out of this mood
getting way out of character x.x 
Til next post!

P.S I am so okay my darlings, just undergoing some wishful, unexpected, unwanted thinking LOL!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yogurt, I hate you no more.

Hello lovelies!
How was your week?
Mine, ugh dunno where to start!
We had to rush my grandma to the hospital a few days ago.
Today, they took her oxygen thingy off.
She is doing really good.
Fighting! Granma!

Heeheee. Yogurt, hello!
Been eating yogurt like crazy for the past few days.
Taro flavored, specifically.
 I know it's supposed to be fat free and healthy
But, I don't think so, *looks at the scale*
Yup, Nosiireeey. 

I was in the mall a few days ago
when I saw this newly opened Tutti Frutti Yogurt stall
I went in and the Tutti Frutti guy explained to me
that it's self service and you can put all the toppings you want
And then you pay per ounce. 

So first you grab a cup.

Then you choose your flavor,
You can put as much as you want, It's all you 
I chose Taro cause it's pretty and purple lol

Then you choose your toppings

The toppings are great and all
But I wish they had a larger fruit selection.

Then, there you have it. 

I was soo amused by it :))
Maybe cause it's new.
So the next day, I brought tough guy with me.

Then the day after that, I brought my sister :))

She brought her date, too,

Lol, Tutti Frutti goodness!
I would have never hated yogurt if I had this first impression

Gloomy says hi!

I suddenly have this sudden impulse to buy accessories.
I wanted earrings, necklaces and rings.
I want this many! o.o

But I only have these babies for now. 
We all have to start somewhere ;)

 Will now try to blog regularly
I hope you darlings are all doing good!
Til next post!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

See 2013 ok?

My darlings
I am so very sorry for the immense lack of update
I have plenty of backlogs and pretty things to show you
Just that, these are very rough times.
And I just couldn't bring myself to post happy things.
Although we do need happy stuff right now.

I never thought that the disastrous thing that happened n Japan
would greatly affect me, I have not been there even.
We watch the news every night and,
Hearing updates from Japan, death tolls, photos, it's just heartbreaking.

It's really sad to read off traumatic experiences from our fellow bloggers.
and most had to leave Tokyo because of what happened.
All this sadness is depressing me.
I get swayed to easily like that.

Also, I hope people would stop preaching about the end of the world.
and making weird 9/11 and Japan Earthquake = 2012 calculations.
It's so annoying, really.


And I wish that people would move on after WW2
It seems that there are some who are still pretty much upset about Pearl Harbor
It happened 70 years ago, people didn't have mtv then, so they did bad things.
It's not karma, nor is it payback for Harbor.
It's called the Pacific Ring of Fire.

And screw that person who spread the rumor about the the creator of Pokemon
 (Satoshi Tajiri)
dying from the earthquake, seriously not funny :x

For my friends who are living far far away! 
I am glad that you guys are far far away from harm.
All hail, Pikachu!

Lovelies, that was me, like 18 hours ago.
This post was just sitting there, idle.
I was really so sad, but then I realized none of us got hurt
So yeah, aren't we lucky? 

I was living up to what I said before about not contaminating my blog
with bad vibes post, xD.

These are my new Miffy things.
Plush, pen and notebook.
Did you guys know that Miffy is not Japanese? o.o
Cause I always thought she was!
Miffy is actually Dutch! how cool is that!

Well, this is me being hopeful and just praying for the best!
Everything will be ok!! Holla!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Love, Cat, Japan.

We all heard the terrible news :(
I am so relieved to hear that my friends and relatives in the city are far from harm.
Japan is a great nation.

But right now, everyone there need our prayers.
Sending our love to Japan, keep safe everyone. 
And I hope this little kitty is okay, too. :(

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hello my darlings!
I hope you all are doing well!
I'm doing fine myself, just that the BIG boss kept on coming to work at night
And I can't blog because I might get caught surfing non work related blah blah blah tccchhh ._.
That, and my alt tab ninja skills ain't so great meh! I must master the art.
But goody goody today is a Sunday which means.. 
He's not here *evil grin*

My new bear says HI!
And yet, another crappy photo
Gomen, minna ._.

Today, I decided to post photos of foodiiiess
My mother made some of them and they were really goood. 
Not bad for a diabetic, mom. :))

Blueberry cheesecake

Cinnamon Rolls

Chocolate Fudge cupcakes.
I ate "I" already when I took this photo.


Chocolate Cheesecake. 

Now, does it look tasty or does it look tasty?!
I wish I could share them with you lovelies tho :o 
That way, we can all be diabetic together. 
Yeeap, just had my blood sugar tested a while ago.
Near diabetic tendencies, yes I am. 
But nothing serious though, just watching my sweets. 

Ah, March! I surely did not notice you.
Haven't been paying much attention to the dates.
Thought it was still February ._.
Do we have any March babies here?!
Lemme give you a holla!

Well! March sure is lovely dovey!
Except that it will now be a constant reminder of my birthday next month.
And I guess some of you are aware that I am not so fond of celebrating my birthday(s)
But that's me thinking too far ahead.
Wanna know something I'm looking forward to?

That's next week!
Well nuff of the mushy stuff!
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!
Til next post!!