Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Kawaii Depression

Oh my my! look at how time flies, would you believe June is over come Sunday?
Sheesh, that's six months in a flash. Meh, don't even want to think about it.
Time is depressing, pfuit!
Speaking of depression, I was having a fit last week, unbearable fit, I tell you! It's because of Naruto, grr. They killed Itachi and they killed him twice,
 and to think June was his birth month so that's just extra cruel.
Although everyone saw it coming, the long awaited closure/death scene but man was it tragic! Such a good anime character person, Itachi. God bless you. >_< Forgive me my dear reader for these feelings must be let out! 


 Anyway, I was alone while reading the darn thing when my mom asked me why was I wailing, mind you.. wailing! So I told her about Naruto's most recent chapter since she was very much aware of the plot and story, LOL! Funny shit! and so like a kindly momster, she opted to comfort me by treating me out for lunch at Taibun. And then she asked me how I ended up having a boyfriend in real life since she was so used to having me gush over intangible, fictional boys. Mom, really? you have to go there???

At least I got free food right?  Here are my nails for the week. It's quite Japanice! And it's so cute because Minzy from 2ne1 uploaded a photo of newly made nails which looked similar to these, only 100x better. 

Minzy's nails

Oh and look at what I bought, Akatsuki folding pouch thingy! 

It's really neat! I don't know what I'm gonna use it for but tiny maruneko is quite fond of it.
 Might give this to Tough Guy since it's manly and tough, LOL

My strange fascination with peach things, hello Nyanko!

Kuro the Black Cat, Alas! my Shappo ain't so lonely anymore. 

Updated Sentimental Circus collection, a cat is always a lovely addition.

Fuzzy alpaca

And Marunekos from a dear friend of mine, Thank You Sweetheart!

Red velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting, I deserve this!

I know I should be happy cause I got a bunch of really cute things, I AM! But..


 I'll be okay! LOL
Hope you liked the photos!
Til next post!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Pretty Peachy Pink Post.

A little fantasy I'd like to share. I have this desire to be in a place far far from home,where nobody knows me. From there, I'll start off with a clean slate, I can be whoever I want to be, I can orchestrate a grand story about my past and where I came from, I can tell everyone I'm 17 and I just might get away with it lol. It' might get a little lonely but everyday would be filled with misadventures like discovering new places, alleys and cafes, meeting new people, making friends, dressing up silly, maybe I can start a new hobby and perhaps I can get to know myself even better. Living your life just as you wanted without worrying over other people's judgment because none of them are significant enough to have an opinion that would matter, Ah bliss! 
So.. where to?

That's me daydreaming as usual, reality check, hello! 
My Saizen haul, not everything here is from Saizen but most are. 

A cute bear pouch, a poodle pouch, zebra heart shaped purse, polka dot shopping bag, lower lashes, bunch of falsies, falsies glue, applicators  and eyeshadows. Yay me for buying things I don't really need! 

This was actually my sister's, her friend just got back from Japan, bought us loads of chocolates and even got me a bouncing Maruneko but I just had to have this cute little wallet. It's perfect! Littol Sistah, please?

Hello Kitty tote bag, this one is a steal!

And a sweet little necklace from my mom. I love you mom, thank you!

And of course my nails for this week, minty floral goodness!

Sorry for the background, I just really needed the sunlight lol. 

Taadaah! My cute little Momo Panda collection. 

The one on the far right was actually my first, Didn't know anything about Momo Panda then just thought it looked cute with all the pink going on, then I did my research and found out more about this little guy.. yes.. I said GUY. 

Momo Panda was born from a peach, he loves peaches and his specialty is making sweets and candies.

Momo Panda runs a peach candy shop with his sister, Komomo Panda and Kame-kun, a little blue turtle.

Well, that's it for now, hope everyone enjoyed the peachy pink goodness!
Will publish another post real soon! Sentimental Circus, Maruneko and more life stories lol. 
Til next post!