Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eyes, Eyes, Baby!

Hello lovelies!
I dunno if you wear glasses..
But I've been wearing mine since I was 11 years old.
That's not too long ago, *GETS SHOT*
lol! But yeah, been wearing them for the longest time.

Glasses ain't so bad.

Story of my life, bow. 
I thought I'd share with you these funny things.
It's really hella funny for a glasses person like me lol. 

Ooooh! Anyone here watching Shibuhara Girls? I do!
But can someone please tell me what's been happening?
I never paid attention to it, ever. 

I find the show a little boring, but I do enjoy looking at her *u*
That's Kozue Akimoto, btw.
Most of the time, she makes me feel like.. 

So I convinced myself to become a beautiful butterfly.
By cutting my bangs, just like Kozue's.
very BOO!tiful don't you think? lol!

See how small my irises are without my lenses?!

I really needed to edit this photo to accentuate the bangs.
That's cause I wear it sideways most of the time. 
My peeps here thought I was copying  Gogo Yubari. 

 I really don't mind because I love Chiaka Kuriyama, too. 
I got loads of good compliments with the new 'do
 but they all keep on telling me to loose the glasses
I would if I could *sigh*

So, this post was inspired by lovely dovey eyes.

I wonder what kind of contact lens were used here. 

Ever wonder what would it be like if 
we were born with natural dolly eyes?

So that'll be waking up in the morning
with our irises at 14mm - 15mm in size. 

And what if out natural lashes were just as flirty
and long and thick as store bought falsies?

Hmm, I dunno :o

I'm practically okay with my visually impaired eyes :o
and my small irises, and not so long lashes.. 

I just wish my eyebrows were a little.. neat. 
Is that too much to ask? orz. cuursees

But imo, my littol kitty's eyes are the prettiest lol <3

And if you haven't joined Yapo's giveaway!
Please do!! The prizes are too cute!
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Me and my big baby Gloomy are wondering
 what are your plans for the Holy Week?
We're both pretty bummed cause our friends are goin here and there
and we're like, stuck at home, chilling. 
How bout you lovelies? 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cute earphones and Ugly writing.

Hello Darlings!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful time
I know I am! Well except for the scorching heat which I loathe to pieces!
If I stand too long under extreme sunlight, I get all red..
and I'd get this weird marks all over, so I am not really a summer-fun-beach person.
I've never been to Boracay, ever. 
Which is totally fine since I don't have a beach body to begin with.


By the way, received an award recently, Thank You Mayclover!

So, I thought I'd share with you guys my new treasures lol!! sorry.
I like collecting earphones. That's cause I don't really get to keep any of 'em working long enough.
As much as possible, I try to stock up, specially if I happen to chance upon really cute ones.

Kuromi, this was like a dream come true! haha.
Rilakkuma, too cute to use! It also happened to be in my wishlist.
Never thought I'd get my hands on any of the things I typed in there lol. 
A cupcake earphone with thick cords
Perfect for me! Now I'd like to see my cat chew on that. 
And candy earphones, which I am currently using.
Just in case the cupcake one above gets chewed on for good.

I was browsing for some clothes in the mall a couple of days ago.
And noticed that there were some pretty cute leg warmers for sale. 
Really cheap too, so I didn't hesitate to buy a couple.

Only to realize, it's freaking summer here
By freaking summer I mean to say..
No wonder they were so cheap -.-
*I shall wait for you, Fall*

Not only do I like collecting earphones..
I also happen to like looking at them
Specially if they look this cute!

Something I really need in my life
Cellphone Charm/Retractable earphones
Nothing beats something cute and functional. 

Before I go, I'd like to show you my handwriting Tag
I've very bad handwriting! specially now that I hardly write anything.
So, yeah, sorry ._. I would like to thank Gingersnaps for the tag.

And now I'm tagging my lovelies!
Meoki Yaptus and Tatat
Lemme me see your handwriting 8D

Til next post my lovelies!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flu and Cute coordinates.

Hello my darlings *BIG VIRTUAL HUG*
I caught the flu, our climate is really moody, PMS.
But I'm almost fully recovered now. 
I should since I have an event to attend to tomorrow. *giddy* 
I heard spring time brings about flu in other countries.
I hope you are all well :D

I'm gonna share with you lovelies this magazine I bought recently.
I was looking for back issues of Japanese fashion magazines.
It was for my sister's THE aka Home Economics project.
She had to attend Summer classes because she failed to submit hers.
She said she doesn't know where to start since it's about fashion and stuff.

So there I was to the rescue! I'm not really familiar with this magazine
But the coordinates inside are really nice and helpful, too. 

The best thing about buying it, is that all proceeds will go to Japan.
At least in my own little way, I was able to contribute. 
I wish I could do more. 

It's just a shame, I really want to keep it.
But I have to do my sister's cut outs so :(

Maybe I can keep it! what's going to be left of it anyway.
Will try to hunt for more of these babies. 
Back issues please, so I wouldn't feel so guilty. 

Speaking of coordinates I found a few cute things to share.
Very cute outfits and what's in your bag thingies.
I don't know why they were drawn and who drew them.
If you do know please contact me so I can give proper credit. 
These are just too cute, ne?

I hope there's more of them waiting to be discovered lol!
I might draw my own coordinate and stuff.
It's not gonna be super cute like these but it'll be better
compared to photos of me posing and stuff! lol

Sharing this photo of my sister and I
This was a few weeks ago, I think.
6 year difference but the height! ._.
Kids now a days! 

Will now visit your blogs!
Til next post lovelies!