Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello my darlings, I hope everyone is well!
I'm doing okay, Just feeling a bit under the weather or maybe just too tired. 
Although, I may have to be thankful for my current mildly-depressed state.
I've been trying to shed a few pounds since middle school and my current lack of appetite
might be able to assist me in this life long goal of mine.

When I was younger, I used to be so envious of my older cousin, she was so cute!
She had the perfect bangs and a deep set of cute dimples which made me want to kill her. 
Since then, there was nothing I wanted more than my own set of dimples.
That's a photo of me and my dimple. Better have one than none! 

I thought it'd be nice to share with you this clip I saw on Youtube.
It's called Komaneko, it's actually a "stop motion animation" film created by Tsuneo Gōda.
He is also the guy responsible for Domo-kun and Utada Hikaru's "Boku wa Kuma

It's a tedious process by which you make an inanimate object appear as if it were moving
by taking plenty of photos in a sequence that will then be created in to a film. 
It's really cute and you can just imagine the hard work that was put into this project. 
I hope you'll watch it if you're not too busy, there's a whole bunch of them on Youtube. 

I didn't get my supposed pink Maruneko, I'm counting on next week.
Heee but in relation to the Komaneko video, my Komaneko haul!
A cute plushie and an adorable purse. My cat heart is very happy!

Pfffft!! You know when I'm feeling down like this,
 I rely on quotes and sheer motivation to lift my spirits! 
I don't really like leaning on others during tough times 
Cause I don't want to spread my nega vibes.
 And it makes me feel out of character because usually I am the one people confide with! lol

So I guess people who are close to me might think I'm some kind of super woman or something.
But I think it's okay to feel down and be human sometimes, right?
If things goes well this Saturday, I'll let you know!
 Hopefully I can post something worth the read. 
Til then I am really sorry for sounding so crappy. 



How I feel sometimes. 

No, thanks!

Zombie Boy is quite attractive if you look closely, or is it really just me?
 I promise to get back to your blogs and flood your comment box with words like "SUPER"
Have a great weekend everyone! 
Til next post!

Friday, August 5, 2011

I don't give a fish!

Hello darlings! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
The weather has been fairly nice these couple of few days. 
The sun has been a much needed source of inspiration.
Hopefully I'd be able to do something productive over the weekends.
You know, other than sleep and eat, if that's productive to you as it is to me.
*lool cute gif!!*

Cutie minion, If things go well, I might get myself a new Maruneko this week, hopefully! 
Then I'll be able to post more about Maruneko.
Not something worth looking forward to in terms of beauty things but
it's definitely going to be cute.

Classes were suspended the other day, So my mom asked me 
to go fetch my sister at school, which also happened to be my high school Alma Mater. 
On our way home we spotted this peddler selling cute, tiny foxtails!

So many colors to choose from! Every piece has a name tag attached to it where
Mr. Foxtail can personalize it with your name or any form of written randomness .
I really wish I could have bought more, They were really cheap!
I shall fetch my sister everyday :)

Tough Guy calls me Babee Kitty.
Cheesy overload! *gets shot*

Just a small haul from HBC, just cause they were on sale.
I don't know if any of these would interest you but the gel liner is divine, for the price!
 (bought brown mascara instead of black) sucks!!


And before I end this post, let me terrorize you with this photo.
A friend told me on facebook that I'm starting to look more mature.
*He said I look old but I took it as mature :))*
And I panicked cause I'm aware of the fact that I've been stressing on a lot of things lately.

And quite honestly, when I took the photos, I noticed the change, too.
I doubt it's the make up, I wore a lot on my eyes but it doesn't show here. 
So yeah, stop stressing yourself unless you want to end up looking like the Crypt Keeper!
Sheesh! So much for a wake up call!


I took these darlings out for cleaning. 
And decided now would be the best time to use them

 Mehehe!!! Tough Guy's celly shall now be manlier and tougher than ever!


Oh Gosh!! Before I forget! I saw this post on tumblr.
I dunno if you've seen it but I love it too much I'll post it here for others to see!

Hair looks like shit?

Homework still to do?

Room still to clean?


Bitches trying to make you mad?

Friends start giving you all of their annoying drama?

Angry boss gives you a deadline?

can you relate to this?! Cause oh gosh, I sure can!
And yes, I like it when IDGAF

 I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!! I swear I had to reblog this every time I see it!
Well, that's for me, enjoy your weekend my pretties! and I hope you like my new background!
Til next post pretties!!