Saturday, August 24, 2013

Subspace Cafe with Sempai

Dearest Sempao, where were you all my life?!! Say hi to my Sempai, First time I talked to her, I knew there is something about this girl that is all wrong which makes it all right! HAHA! We share the same wavelength you see, that makes us super twins! Anyway, a few weeks back, I was in front of the pc spreading my cooties online when we, in a spur of a moment.. decided to meet up! We were craving for the weirdest food plus we needed some girl talk time, anyone who knows us in real life would know how much of a dork we both are! But I guess there are times when you just have to be a girl, sometimes. hehe!

Sempao also keeps a blog by the way, you guys should go check!
Subspace Cafe 

Holy crow, Hi chairs attached to the ceiling!
I absolutely adore all the random and vintage decoration pieces they have at Subspace, very quirky and cute! Gives off a light and friendly environment, perfect for hang outs and catching ups.
This, I really want in my room!
The staff were really friendly, too!
I want to steal.
Pretty wall decor.
I wanted to sit on this chair but I'm not sure if it was placed there to be sat on or if it's a decorative piece or what haha!
Hi cool looking light bulb!
I ordered the purple yam latte and requested the staff who accommodated us to do me a maruneko latte art, oh my happy heart! 
Sempao ordered this tasty treat, green tea ice cream and waffles, yum!
Foodie blogger in action!
Our beau la escort for the day, haha! After chatting our hours away at Subspace, we decided to head on and walk for a bit. Then we went to the bookstore to catch up on a few titles, time flies when you're a reader, I tell you.
And then we got hungry so we ate..
and ate some more.. 
And some more.. still.. haha! So that was our day, no actually that's our life right there, food, books, good music, awesome company and a tinge of anime.. yeah pretty much it haha!
You gotta love the natural lighting at subspace, perfect for selcas, haha!
I look lesbian on the other pic, haha! 
Ya, Sempai, let's do this again, please?! :D And let's not hold back and go for attack on food this time!

Much love from Pao and I!
Til next post, dearies!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Thoughts on Passion; and the lack thereof.

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.
-Vincent Van Gogh

I wonder how it feels like to be extremely passionate about something. 
I'm not talking about people who had their eyes set out to for just one ultimate goal.
Like those freaky super competitive types.  
I'm talking about people who just love what they do, and everything about what they do, and how they strive do it everyday. I am extremely envious of those people. 
Seems like I'm stuck at wanting to do so many things all at once to the point where I can't seem to actually start something. It's like, I have so many things I wanna do and all of 'em are at a certain level and none stronger than the other, to the point where I can't decide which one I should do first.
Oh God, I am wasting my days away. And all these because of that swimming anime, Free!
Cause Haru is just in for the water and nothing more, and I think it's beautiful *u*