The whimsical wanderlust

My real name is Nicole

Most people just call me Bee which was taken from Bianca, which comes right after Nicole.

I like using the name Odeath, for no apparent reason.

But I use Saving Capulet, for everything related to blogger.

You can call me by any of those, I don't mind :)

I am located in your Wildest Dreams

I am a secret agent specializing in things unheard of.

I am a Psycute, go figure.

I am very young and very mental.

I can be weird and wonderful.

My boyfriend thinks I am a cat, I like that very much.

The ingenious effort

Twisted Thoughts is the brainchild of my spare time and I.

Created to contain my awesomeness, if I had some or if I would have any in the near future.

Simply put, Twisted Thoughts is where the magic happens.

Twisted Thoughts will help me remember things and memories which I might forget

(in case of an accidental amnesia)


In my years of mad, anonymous writing (to relieve teen angst and to wrongfully utilize my freedom of expression) circa 2003 via http://www.my-diary.org/
Never would I have thought that there would come a time when my posts would attract comments, let alone be read by an actual human being! (other than my mom
who was then quite uninterested, to my dismay)
I got used to publishing and writing stuff with no readers to think of, quite honestly I get consicous when I think of my readers. So please pardon
me for any words that I've abused, misused or overused.
But nevertheless, I am very very grateful! I thank you for reading, commenting and following my Twisted Thoughts, from the heart of my bottom and vice versa. And thus, for validating my existence.
Til next post!

The super kawaii illustration was made by the amazing konayachi-nyan