Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Of nails and bunnies.

You know that feeling you get when you have something all planned out and everything is just perfect. You have all the stuff you need, the time, the money and you're just waiting for that perfect moment? But then for some weird, bizarro, cosmic reason the universe decides to, for the lack of better word/s, fuck you up. And something would come up at the very last minute, totally ruining everything, well almost everything if not everything :/

That's my life right there, I feel like I'm cursed. If I'm up to something I'm really excited about, It'll get all screwed up, something is bound to happen that would keep me from doing what I wanted to do, it may be a shopping spree with my friends, it could be anything really. 

dining with the kitties at taibun

But I'm working on a solution, I plan to break this aweful curse. Like a plan inside a plan lol inception ahahah! Well, here's my work around, If I'm planning on something, I shall not specify the date nor will I ponder or daydream about the event nor will I anticipate it, I will do my best to neutralize myself and keep myself from getting way too excited. 
I shall be discreetly spontaneous, yes.

maruneko with bangs lol

I sound like a pessemistic party pooper but we'll see what happens.
It's not really a big problem and I can usually bear the disappointments but what I really hate is disappointing others, specially if they are special to me. So hopefully this little trial and error thing would harbor good results, And I'm sorry if I sound like a crackhead. I hope the cat and food photos were able to compensate for this untimely rant. 

kitties tryna get my taho drink!

So there, notice how I was posting cute cat and food photos while ranting
I hope it was able to compensate lol! With this cold, rainy weather we're having right now.
I cannot think of anything else to do but eat, nomnomn, uh oh!

kitty with shrimp and kitty with spaghetti.

Some photos of Usazukin, my nails and I. 
I uploaded a photo of my nails on Instagram and I realized I typed in "Miffy" on the caption
instead of "Usazukin". They are both kawaii bunny characters and I feel so ashamed of myself for that >.< I didn't know what I was thinking!


My nails for today were inspired by these photos of the gorgeous Gemma Ward.
Absolutely stunning! I most specially love the color combination on her ensemble and the cute
modified design, too! I wanted to draw a lotus on my nails but I couldn't soo...
Decals will have to do. 

We'll that'll be all for now.
Til next post!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

of Cats and Prada

Hi all, this post is rather long overdue but I had my unfair share of household chores, tsk. 
My grampa was released from the hospital a couple of few days ago.
He's so thin right now, stick thin, but somehow his appetite is coming back. We were thinking of making him drink green barley to help build up his appetite and immune system, iono. Just a thought. 
He's still bed ridden and he will no longer be able to do those things he used to do just a couple of few weeks before the incident but that's what we (family) are here for, right? 
So hurrah! daebak grampa! daebak wtf! 
My nails last week, these water decal things are really awesomesauce!
Just make sure you use a good top coat to make it last.
Now on to kawaii, guess what's inside the kitty pouch!
cute and tiny kitty purses, awwwh.. fufufu.. what?I couldn't help myself!
And to think there I was in desperate need of a new office bag then poof!
These even costed me more than the good old office bag I've been eyeing on. 
Man, I seriously need to sort out my priorities! Not gonna happen.
Now just the other day my boss. erm cat was in the mood to camwhore so I took  advantage of it.
My dear reader/s please pardon my untidy brows for I almost lost one from over tweezing. 
So now, I'm trying to grow them back, I look/ed like Kane from WWE :(
These were taken outdoors and I gotta thank the rainy weather for that natural lighting.
Tough Guy and I celebrated our XXth month together on the 13th. 
Another milestone! so we got each other presents, he got me an Android phone. 
He said he was torn between an HTC and LG since those were the not so common ones.
But he opted for the LG cause I like Korean stuff and it's Prada so it's supposed to be all fashiony and stuff, really babe? lol! Thank You! I am really grateful!
I on the other hand..  bought him an ipod.. the small one..the square one..
And it's pink.. and no.. it's not the touchscreen one.. I'm the worst gf in the world, I know but it was what he asked for! I'll make it up to you daisuki, someday.. one way or another.
And so to end this post I shall reveal what has become of my almost 4 year old phone. 
My phone refused to be seen in public so I'm quite happy cause I can finally put it to rest. 
Tape, dents and all! but put the external condition aside, this Symbian still knows how to work it.
I'm going to get this repaired and preserved for good, >.<
That'll be all for now! I hope ya'll are having a great weekend!
Happy Sunday is busy Sunday for me.
Til next post!