Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All about Talented Women!

This post is going to be a filler but it's gonna be a really good one, why?
Because it has tonsa hot ladies! yeorrw!
It's raining here all of a sudden, how is the weather on your side if the planet?

The woman behind these amazing illustrations is Zhang Xiao Bai, 
an award winning artist from Beijing.
Isn't she just as beautiful as her artworks? 
She is also a tattoo artist! You can see it all over her works. 

Also, 2ne1 released their music video for "I Love You" a couple of days ago.
It's not at all like their previous videos, but it is just as amazing even more so artistic!
 I'll try to persuade my non kpop readers to watch the video below by posting these screencaps. 
The concept was surreal and just wonderful, the song is highly subjective but I really like it! 


Minzy, who's granmom just passed away, our thoughts are with you maknae!



You can watch the video here

Oh and did you guys read about Angelina Jolie playing a super scary villain from Sleeping Beauty? Maleficent was it? The story is going to revolve around her and her life, why she went dark etc. 

Holy mother of horns! 

I don't know about you but of all the villains, I find her the scariest, this chick creeps the hell out of me, I even tried to avoid her when I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2, Don't mess with ladies wearing horns! 


I don't know if this artwork is legit but this character fits her like a glove. 

I have been busy I tell you, my grampa was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago because of stroke and heart attack and I'm currently taking care of my granmom, they are both in their 80's so it's really hard but we're okay, everything is going to be okay. I'll post sometime this week during my days off, life in general and kawaii ya know, the usual!
Til next post

And thank you my dearest, sweetest, Valerie  for this awesome new siggy
with my beloved kitty maruneko! Thank you so much, love!
OMG, a friend who pays attention :((( I'm so thankful!


thanhthao said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures!! I really admir people for ther creativity and talent!! :) I wish I was good in arts, too!!

Aki! said...

I pretty much always watch kpop videos when people post them. But i can't call myself a fan.

Angelina looks awesome. Her cheekbones, right?

Naka said...

i'm really intrigued about the tattoo artist, i lover her artwork. I hope your grandparents get better and you take some time to relax yourself!

Ang Lam said...

Hope your grandpa will be better soon! Love the first sets of colourful illustration, they are indeed very beautiful!!


Dewika L said...

The artwork is amazing, I really like it! ^^
2ne1 is great <3

εïз ღ Valerie-Ssi ღ εïз said...

Bee! The chibis at the top are sooo cute! ♥ ^_^ they're 2ne1 chibis right? ^_^
really love the artworks ♥
oh! i changed my blog url too~ http://valerie-ssi.blogspot.com ^_^

Richelle said...

Amazing post! I love the artwork and I totally agree that Angelina Jolie is the perfect actress to play the part, she even looks like Maleficent!

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather, I hope he's going better. My thoughts are with you and your family.

SavingCapulet said...

oh dear,yeah me too! I wish I were good at something, really >.<

SavingCapulet said...

you got it!!!

SavingCapulet said...

oh thank you naka! and are considering getting a tattoo? xDD

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so much my dear friend!

SavingCapulet said...

yay another 2ne1 girl, thanks for dropping by!!

SavingCapulet said...

yeaah they are!! super kawaii and thanks for the linky will update my list now <3!!

SavingCapulet said...

your comment means a lot a my dear friend, thank you!