Sunday, July 22, 2012

of Cats and Prada

Hi all, this post is rather long overdue but I had my unfair share of household chores, tsk. 
My grampa was released from the hospital a couple of few days ago.
He's so thin right now, stick thin, but somehow his appetite is coming back. We were thinking of making him drink green barley to help build up his appetite and immune system, iono. Just a thought. 
He's still bed ridden and he will no longer be able to do those things he used to do just a couple of few weeks before the incident but that's what we (family) are here for, right? 
So hurrah! daebak grampa! daebak wtf! 
My nails last week, these water decal things are really awesomesauce!
Just make sure you use a good top coat to make it last.
Now on to kawaii, guess what's inside the kitty pouch!
cute and tiny kitty purses, awwwh.. fufufu.. what?I couldn't help myself!
And to think there I was in desperate need of a new office bag then poof!
These even costed me more than the good old office bag I've been eyeing on. 
Man, I seriously need to sort out my priorities! Not gonna happen.
Now just the other day my boss. erm cat was in the mood to camwhore so I took  advantage of it.
My dear reader/s please pardon my untidy brows for I almost lost one from over tweezing. 
So now, I'm trying to grow them back, I look/ed like Kane from WWE :(
These were taken outdoors and I gotta thank the rainy weather for that natural lighting.
Tough Guy and I celebrated our XXth month together on the 13th. 
Another milestone! so we got each other presents, he got me an Android phone. 
He said he was torn between an HTC and LG since those were the not so common ones.
But he opted for the LG cause I like Korean stuff and it's Prada so it's supposed to be all fashiony and stuff, really babe? lol! Thank You! I am really grateful!
I on the other hand..  bought him an ipod.. the small one..the square one..
And it's pink.. and no.. it's not the touchscreen one.. I'm the worst gf in the world, I know but it was what he asked for! I'll make it up to you daisuki, someday.. one way or another.
And so to end this post I shall reveal what has become of my almost 4 year old phone. 
My phone refused to be seen in public so I'm quite happy cause I can finally put it to rest. 
Tape, dents and all! but put the external condition aside, this Symbian still knows how to work it.
I'm going to get this repaired and preserved for good, >.<
That'll be all for now! I hope ya'll are having a great weekend!
Happy Sunday is busy Sunday for me.
Til next post!


Richelle said...

Beautiful nails as always!

Eeeep! That maruenko bag is too adorable and so are the coin purses! Haha, I think it's the same problem with all kawaii lovers, sorting out our priorities! Not that there's anything wrong with ours...I mean, kawaii does make life so much better...

Your part about the gift exchange made me laugh! Alex and I are exactly like that, he always goes crazy and buys something ridiculous and I always buy him what he wants...which always seems small compared to what he got me....-_-

So happy to hear about your grandfather! I'm sure that he'll regain his appetite, I'm just happy to hear that he's out of the hospital :)

εïз ღ Valerie-Ssi ღ εïз said...

I always envy your nails :( So sad I can't do this one at work :((

and your
phone is soooooo nice! you've got a great bf there! ^_^

I hope your grandpa gets back into shape really soon ♥

Btw, what top coat do you use? ^_^

SavingCapulet said...

oh dear yes! but really like when I'm super stressed, these things I have really takes all the negativity away! they are not just cute to look at but it helps somewhat to make us feel better xDD

and I'm glad we have such great guys, that could only mean we're great girls, too and we are in great hands, oh the greatness! I hope you had a lovely weekend! <3

SavingCapulet said...

what do you do ba bb doll? and for the topcoat, I used Bobbie's lang! okay naman siya pero di nag last ng 1 week kasi I do the dishes at home xD

εïз ღ Valerie-Ssi ღ εïз said...

Oh Im an auditor ^^~ hahaha.

SavingCapulet said...

you're a very very very pretty auditor ***o***

thanhthao said...

Waaaaa, what cute fotos!!! :) I don't know who is cuter you or the cat!! :) And the lovely cat purses, I want one, too!!

I hope your grandpa gets better soon!! All best wishes for him! :)

Samantha Bufete-Saballa said...

you are so adoraaaable! and i hope your granpa's health would improve in time. :((

Konayachi said...

You look so adorable wit the neko! Nyan nyan~ <3 The neko dollies wit neko pouch, jelly I wan it >w< ahaha! It's the way too cute where did you get it?? And congrats for your new phone! :) it's really beautiful! You're so lucky with him ^^
I can't blogwalk right now so sorry if I seldom come :/ hope to see your post again!

SavingCapulet said...

thank you my dearest! <3

SavingCapulet said...

My friend who sells stuff from Japan sold it to me because she knew I collect these cats, if you want to buy kawaii stuff I'll give you a linky :D

SavingCapulet said...

thank you thank you my sweeets!!! yes aja aja lolo!

Liz said...

You look so pretty and your cat is very photogenic too! It's so cute that your cat is in the mood to camwhore. LOL. The LG phone looks so chic. It's such a sweet present ^-^ Those kitty coin purses are so cute!!!!!

It's good to hear that your grandpa is getting better!! I hope that his health will continue to improve.


Cecilia Dinh said...

love the nails! too pretty :) and nice phone! im sure your boyfriend loved the ipod!! xx

Saija said...

Ooh! Your blog is so cute ♥
I love all the kitty purses and kitty pics...iih..I love kitties! ^^

Julie Lan said...

the dotted nails is adorable on you, do they stay on for long? and nice that you can finally put your phone to rest!

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so much for this meaningful comment Liz, I appreciate it loads! I'll try to get more kitties like this in the future so I can make a giveaway, and thanks for living your link, i'll make sure to add you on my daily reads :3

SavingCapulet said...

thank you Cecilia!<3

SavingCapulet said...

thank you Saija! another cat lover hurrah for us cat ladies!! <3 thank you for leaving you link ill visit you now <3 :DDD

SavingCapulet said...

not really compared to branded nail polishes, at least 3 days and that's me doing the dishes on regular basis, thank you Julie!

misskatv said...

oh my goodness. your nails are so pretty!!!!