Monday, December 1, 2014

My boy bought me a new phone then thanked me for loving him.

Seriously, who does that?!!! 
HAHAH my blog entry sounds like a Panic! at the Disco song, lololol!
I miss P!ATD :(
But it is true! Christmas came in early and yey I'm so happy, he got me the one I've always wanted!!!!

Look at him pretending to be all kakkoi and stuff, hahah but he is like, super hot here *eyeroll* kasi he has my phone, right there!

So here it is <3 LG G3, retiring my 3 year old LG PRADA 3, at long last!
I've read sooo many good reviews about this phone so I can't wait to get my paws all over it.  

Just look at how crisp the front camera turned out to be, it's so perfect <3
No Filters, y'all! Any gals here using the same unit? :3 
Ooooh I have to buy this baby some pink stuff, Thank You oh so much, love! <3 
Doggburner <3 <3 <3