Monday, August 27, 2012

Of the greatest man I had ever known.

 hello my dears, today at exactly 7:25 am, my grandfather passed away.
He was 82, just 2 months short of his supposed 83rd birthday.
I arrived 7:45.

There is comfort in knowing that he is in a better place.
With the best view in the world.

He was an accountant, a painter, a writer and an entertainer. 
An uncle, a grandfather, a father and a husband.
The greatest man I had ever known.
Forever will be remembered.

Til next post!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Of being mean and melancholy.

Hello! Just a very quick life update!
We saw The Expendables 2 a few days ago. 
Man, it was funny! I'd say it was well worth it!
Now who wants to go watch Brave with me?
My first take on leopard spot nails. 
At first I didn't know what I was doing lol but when I finished I realized it looks really cool.
Think I'll have to do better next time though.
My new baby Tori wants to say hello!
We were lucky to have been given a freebie when we bought tickets.
 Expendables 2 dog tag, mega coooolio!
Anything free is fine by me loool
I took so many photos that day because my Tori is just grrrr!
playing with Photowonder app
Mew so proud of my baby sister cause she did my hair, I really liked it!
last one I promise!
we had gelato, very sinful! I gained 5lbs by the way.. wanna know who be the culprit?
Wintermelon milk tea.. that little bugger! 
Stay away from milk tea, they sure as hell can sneak up on ya if you're not careful!
NY Cheesecake. I'd be the one to talk about milk tea when I'm self indulging ahahah
practice what you preach!
Even baby wants to taste!
And my new cats! I really adore the pink one wearing a big smile
and the rabbit one, too! Never though I'd get my hands on a rabbit maruneko!
I believe there is a pink rabbit maruneko from the same collection.. 
Hope I'll get lucky next time!
Not a good day today but if I can do well on my own just for tonight..
then I'll be fine for the entire  week and if I can manage then maybe I'll be fine like this for the rest of my life! MEEH, have to pull myself together, gotta watch my own shadow!
Hope you are doing well wherever you are!
Til next post!

I feel frozen, standing, waiting for the lights to change. I hear nothing. I feel irrelevant. I feel dreamy. It is almost dream like, self created silence.
Kim Daul. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Of Hopes and Prayers: Hello, Sweet Sunshine.

Hello! This long over due post is... long..over due because of that bastard cloud which caused yet another apocalyptic rainfall,  it was raining for days, it'll stop for like a few minutes then it'll come down again! We've been ill deprived of sun light, and we don't even have a typhoon just that over active, attention seeking bitch of a rain cloud aka Monsoon rains. But today is a better day, the sun is out, people returning to their homes, and business continues like a  mad woman on crack.
Sorry I just had to rage at the weather but I'm okay, we're all okay! And I'm in a great mood today! Here are some non plushie Maruneko collectibles I've acquired as of late. Hope you like!

Super cute Maruneko file case!
Cute cats all over!
Not gonna use this ever heehee!!
It came with a drawing pad, some coloring materials, and a card. It should have had a box of crayons but I'm not complaining! 
Really cute charms! they are a bit heavy though. 
Some more kawaii charms! charms like these were very hard to acquire!
I was getting bored with my decals so I thought I'd do an ombre this time.
Loving gradient nails so far, will be doing loads of these soon!
Sulky selca!
was totally faking it! lol
Today, mum made me my favorite snack! Spam Musubi!
 Along with the unremitting rain, flood, thunder, scarcity of supplies and a blackout, there were  countless prayers and strong hopes..  I was very fortunate cause my family and I are together, we live on a rocky hill and the only damage we had aside from our seeping walls, are broken windows. Our flooded streets kept me from going to work or from doing the groceries, Luckily we had enough food stocks to last us several days. It is just now that the floods are starting to subside, the sun is out but the sky isn't clear yet but it's good to feel a warm breeze again. I hope and pray that all my friends are in good hands, and that help and rescue would come to those who are in need of it. 

Thank You for reading!
Til next post!