Friday, June 24, 2011

Haul: Think Pink! (viewer discretion is advised)

Ohai darlings! My name is Bee and I am broke! 
Well, at least it's the end of the busy work week for me so I'll be safe at home.
Away from all the things that would make me regret the fact that I've only a 100PHP left :I

So goody! I thought I'd share with you lovelies some of the things I bought recently.
Although (some weren't so recent lol)

Mags! Happie Nuts and Jelly, back issues.

The lady gave me a discount so I bought three.

Tons of hair and make up tutorials!

Lotsa coords!


Oh oh dear, this was inside Jelly, I think..
I dunno, this page just popped out of nowhere among the clothes and the shoes.
My innocent mind, WHY?? DDD: LOL!!

So yay! we're back to being P.G 13 again, woot!
Kiddies, you can open your eyes now! On to the pink cuteness! 

Love Bunny

Sadly, I was not able to purchase the whole set D:

This one is really cute.

Thingy turns into a hair scrunchie!

Curly horned sheep.

Marie wearing a pink hoodie.

Hot pink foxtails, super mega ghei, as described by a good friend of mine.
I shall name them Adam and Lambert.

And last but not least a really cute pink Alpaca, finally I have one.
You've no idea how much I wanted those cute Alpacas ;A;
Even if I were in Japan, I doubt if I can get myself one from UFO catchers D:

AND!! Belated Happy Birthday Justine and Happy Anniversary! 
Yiheee, I hope you had a good one!! :***

So that's it for the pink haul, gah instead of posting my supposed to be Etude House acquisitions..
 Here I am posting plushies and fluffy stuff cause I didn't know there's going to be a sale.
My purse was all dried out when I was even made of it.  
Man, I need to sort out my priorities. HAHA!

And I hope this storm would pass ASAP, not that I miss the heat of the sun.
But my jeans and shoes are all muddy and wet from crossing flooded streets.
And of course the flood isn't doing anyone any good. We live on top of a hill
Wish everyone were as lucky. Well, hoping for the best! 
til next post darlings! I hope everyone will have an amazing weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Crafty Cat

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend?
 I just got back from rest day and I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as I did!
Let me tell you, the weather has been quite the sweetheart!
It was cold and cloudy and rainy and stuff, I really missed this kind of bed weather.
Sorry for the weather talk, just that there are days when my mood is dependent on the weather.

As you can see, I've been a little busy crafting.

It was one of those rare occasions when I have absolutely nothing else to do.

So I brought out my craft things (It used to be my favorite hobby when I was 8)

And I just started making things.

With strings, beads, chains and things.

It was just the perfect indoor activity for this rainy weather. 

I also have some cute bows and pearls. 

And lookie at the by product!!! my creation!!
NOT! I bought that somewhere. 

Not my creation, but it sure is cute, ne?
Kitty charms for your celly. 

Well, it is ugly. My sister asked me to make her one, and she wanted it dark and girly.
It was for her classmate. Iono, I AM NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS
So dear sister, no complains please, I am rusty and you are welcome LOL!

By the way, the bum in me was fairly productive as well.
These are the movies I saw with Tough Guy, it took us all day and night!

I really enjoyed Megamind, Tangled, and Arthur most!

So there goes my weekend, I stayed indoors most of the time.
Rolling around, watching movies, finding some stuff to do.
I am sure as heck your activities were hella lot better than mine!
I shall read on now! So, any good films you've seen recently?
Til next post!