Monday, June 6, 2011

Short and Sweet.

Ohai Darlings! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Guess who went out with friends to attend a concert? I cannot believe it myself! I have a social life!
I was actually thinking twice but my boyfriend urged me and I'm really glad he did!

I went with three of my mates, and got me a ticket at a bargained price Hoho!
I came in late but with just enough time before the main perfomance, 2ne1.
Blackjacks (2ne1 fans) almost filled the venue, there were sooo many people!
I remember, when Hallyu took over, I was like, "Oh hell NAW!"
Cause I just wasn't into anything Asian that is not Japanese.

As you can see from this photo I borrowed, the Araneta Coliseum was jam packed!
It was such a beautiful sight with the dark lights and the glow sticks and the people.
And oh the people, the crowd was just amazing, nothing but good vibes pouring out of the Big Dome.

But eventually the Korean wave grew on me and I found my biases.
 2ne1 and Big Bang, kinda weird cause I wasn't really in to Hip Hop and/or RnB.
Talent comes in all shapes and sizes and places and genres :)) that's for sure.

It was hard to believe that they were performing right there! I was starstruck!
Heck, it was hard to believe that at that time, we were coexisting within the same vicinity. :))
Dara, who Filipinos came to love as Sandara Park, was ever so sweet and lovely.
She was speaking Filipino most of the time (she grew up in The Philippines).

Not to mention Bom's "Ako si Bom!" I am Bom outburst during their introductions, Hella funny!
They sang a total of 8 songs, "Fire" "Go Away" "Please Don't Go" "In or Out" "Can't Nobody" "Lonely" And for their encore, they did "I Don't Care" and "Clap your Hands"
To quote Manilla Bulletin, The Party was short, sweet and a definitely a success!
 Looking forward to a FULL pledged 2ne1 show soon!
Oh! These amazing photos were generously uploaded by Megi

Now, onto the cuteness which I so endearingly adore.
I haven't had the opportunity to show you darlings my new loves!
Would you believe that I acquired them by accident?

They are called Ruu and Suu Bunnies by San-X.
I bought the gray one first without the tag and never knew who they were. 
 Tough Guy recognized the white bunny, which resembled mine, while browsing online.
So he bought it for me, this one still had a tag. And that's how I came to know their names

They aren't very popular, not here at least, which kinda makes it cooler.
Not to mention the mystery adds up to the charm.
The current trend here atm is Gloomy Bear, I am already considering selling some of mine. 

And this be my Tough Guy's stuffies, He actually pleaded for these to be bought!
 So cute, my hubby. This little fella's name is Kamo Platypus, also by San-X
I may or may not be responsible for my Tough Guy's sudden interest with plushies.
Okay, so maybe I am. BUT! it's definitely a good thing! Something new which we both have in common!

Since we are talking about the less popular characters by San-X
I would like to post two of my most coveted stuffies.

This little cutie is Shappo from Sentimental Circus.
There's a whole bunch of them here Sentimental Circus

And this little one is called Homekoro Pomeranian. 
So cute! makes me wanna die!

I also want to apologize if I'm talking about something so lame with that much enthusiasm :))
I like keeping these cute things, they keep me young :))
Til next post darlings! 


Thanh Thao said...

The concert looks like loads of fun!

And the plushies are so cute, just as you are <3


Shou-chan said...

the plushies are sooooo cute*v* <3

OrangeFay said...

Ahhh *girl's fan scream!!* I love 2ne1 and BigBang!! ~ Hun, you're so lucky!! I hope they will do a concert in Malaysia!!! *continue fan's girl scream~*

Hyuna said...

luckyy~~ looks like alot of fun :)

Justine ♥ said...

OMG 2NE1 CONCERTTT!!! OuO So glad to hear you had loads and loads of fun! :DDD I'm not a super huge fan of 2ne1 in particular (I'm a SONE, etc. Heehee), but I agree that they're awesome like nadoifgndjgn~ Gusto ko marinig yung AKO SI BOM! HEHEHE! XD Ang kyot kyot niyo naman ni Tough Guy mo, pati siya e no, pareho kayo cute stuff enthusiasts, keeees! ♥♥♥ *sorry, parang napaka-hyper naman ng comment ^^;*

Lina Kim ♥ said...

mwaaaaaa...I WANT ruu and suu! I'm gonna kidnap both of them! wmahahahaha.... *XD*

Vivi said...

Wow, I want that girl's skeleton jacket! And your bunnies, they are too cute~ ♥

мoɴιcα-αι said...

omg you're so lucky!! I want to go @x@ I love 2ne1! a lot of people say I look like Minzy -x-;; haha
and those plushies are so adorable!!

Mutsumi said...

Talking about plushies is not lame at all, haha ♥ they are so cute!!! and the name of the penguin omg..hilarious!!! xDDDD ♥
There's a korean music festival in Paris today...I think 2NE1 are also participating. Looking forward to hear what it was like ôô Korean bands seem to get really popular!

Fern Li said...

Awww that concert seems awesome xD
though im not a big fan of 2ne1 xD

omg the plushies you got are adorable!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

How fun! I've never been to a concert, and the plushies are adorable!

αвву M. said...

i want to go to a concert at the Araneta Coliseum one day:D

it was crowded alright! :p yay for 2ne1 for making u a fan ;D

Talent do come n all shapes and sizes and places and genres ;)

iLove ur cute posts!

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

DEAD jealous. 2ne1 omg......

Wahh ur plushie collections are v cute!

Huy Tran said...

thanks for your concern! we went through good times and bad. Haha! yeah, i've been seeing a lot of green chucks nowadays. glad i bought them. and glad ya had fun at the concert. (:

Anonymous said...

I love 2NE1 and this such a great post <3 Those plushies are super cute too ^^


Pop Champagne said...

you always have the cutest stuff animal! lol, and the concert looks fun, and you got good seats for pics :D

MayClover said...

Homekoro Pomeranian<33

Amazing photos, I love 2NE1!

♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

cute cute plushies ^_^

Anonymous said...

ganda ng layout mo ngayon ate nicole! ang cute!

Mei めい said...

i'm also blackjack :D

Shou-chan said...

the plushies are sooooo cute*v* <3

MeggiEssa said...

I love 2NE1 and this such a great post <3 Those plushies are super cute too ^^


may rebecca lok said...

you got to see 2NE1 >w< ~ ahhhhh i'm really jealous