Monday, May 30, 2011

Furry Cute Haul!

My darlings!!!How are you all?!
 I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Mine was superb!
May is almost over, I can't even imagine! 
Anyhoo, days are coming by so fast and it's scary.

I thought now will be a good time for me to share some
the cuteness I got myself recently.

I think I bought this pink, fur ball, phone charm from Daiso.
I am quite fond of phone charms, and furry things and the color pink.
 I never really plan on using it! it might get dirty.
I just like to look at it lol!!

This is a black, furry, chain thingy.
It works like a foxtail, but it looks so much better on a bag. 

Now I might use this little guy. If only I can find myself the perfect bag.
This, too was from Daiso.

And yet another ball of furry goodness
For some reason, I am staring to be enamored by the color blue

It's all because of Coraline! She has blue hair, blue nails, blue shoes!
HBO is over televising Coraline, but I don't really mind.
I like that movie a lot, I think the other mother's voice is smexy lol!

And the cherry on top of my ice cream of a haul.
I finally got myself a foxtail. I've a baby foxtail and a momma foxtail.
I never thought I'd be able to obtain any without using paypal.

I did!! I bought these two off a friend (who sells toys) 
I think she didn't know what it was for. 
I got them for PHP.100, that's a little more than $2.00
Biggest steal of my life, I tell you. 

But I was somewhat concerned with one thing.. 
All my friends' foxtails are full and fluffy! and mine is more like.. soft and plushie?

I dunno why! But I definitely got more than what I paid for
So yeah, I'm still a happy camper!

I can't wait to try them on, if only the raining would stop.
And if only I've somewhere to go to! lol

A cute white foxtail with a cute bow and all. 
But I think this is more of a cat's tail, rather than a fox's
I got this darling for PHP100, too. 

 She is my favorite companion at the moment.
Her name is Maple and she's from Tenorikuma.

I familiarized myself with Sanrio and SanX characters.
I think that may be the reason why I'm having my second childhood
and buying loads of toys and plushies. 

I know I should be saving my money for make up and
clothes and shoes and stuff, but these are way too cute!
 I have more plushies to come, I can't wait to show their cuteness!
Til next post lovelies!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~Stress Reliever~


Hello darlings! How are you?
Me not doing so well, so good thing something awesome came up.
A beautiful package arrived in the mail the other day.

It's a dolly wink catalogue from Akimme
Thank you so much dear! I swear this is the 
closest thing I can get to a Tsubasa merchandise atm orz.

Now granted, I was expecting the catalogue
But I wasn't expecting the ring.

I was overjoyed when I saw it!
Thank You a million times!

Here are some photos from the eye make up tutorials inside.
It's kind of cool since it's made of hard paper
and had dotted lines on the side for easy ripping
Instant post card lol!

If you want to see everything I can take proper photos.
Been staring at Tsubasa and her gyaru goodness.
 This might turn in to a hobby lol

And hello, Just saying hi with a coin purse from a friend. 
Major Cinnamoroll cuteness!
Been buying loads of Japanese plushies recently.

And to think that I'm supposed to be on an allowance saving mode.
Temptation, I curse theeee~
But I can't wait to share them with you.
I hope you'll like them, but I've yet to take photos. 

And yiheee!! I hope you like my new layout.
I really worked hard on it! Now it's all pink and girly and I've more room!
 My gay friend said it looked gay, so that's definitely a good thing! lol
By the way, I got this from
Thank You Lina Kim!

Cannot wait for this week to finish! So much stress and stuff.
Just trying to shake of the mega super negative vibes.
I hope you are well wherever you right now.
Looking forward to the weekends!
*ofc in a not so Rebecca Black kind of way*
Til next post!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am still alive, barely.

Hello my darlings!
World's most irresponsible blogger here!
I missed you all! Pleaaasee forgive me!!
I'm gonna show you what has been keeping me busy these past few weeks.

Waiting for 5am with Tolet

Movie Date with Lauren

Darwin and Arlo's Bday celebration.

Unplanned shopping with Darwin

Dinner with Teeny and Era

Ice cream date with Rammel and Darwin

Bonding with Shane

Meeting Janine <3

Taking funny photos with friends

Lots of lambing sweetness with Tough Guy.

So there! I have been busy catching up with friends.
 I feel really blessed to have such good friends! 
And to be able to see them all was quite a fulfilling experience for me.
I don't know when I'm going to have the time for this again
Pretty soon I'm gonna have to work on my goals and priorities, meh.

Before I end this post let me show you this photo of myself 
(I was about to sneeze and it shows lool)
I never thought it would never be possible but  my little sister bought me a curling iron.
And boy, did I make good use of it.
I've also plenty of cute things to share with you. 
Loads of new plushies, Kuromis and tops from Cecil McBee
I even have my own foxtail now, I'll see you next post okay?!

OOHH! by the way, I really want to fix my layout.
Thing is, I'm html stupid and I usually go for the free downloadable ones.
Cause I don't know how to make one for myself  ._.
I would greatly appreciate it if you can recommend some sites with a good source of cuteness.
Cute gifs, layouts, etc. Please and thank you!
See you next post!