Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello my darlings, I hope everyone is well!
I'm doing okay, Just feeling a bit under the weather or maybe just too tired. 
Although, I may have to be thankful for my current mildly-depressed state.
I've been trying to shed a few pounds since middle school and my current lack of appetite
might be able to assist me in this life long goal of mine.

When I was younger, I used to be so envious of my older cousin, she was so cute!
She had the perfect bangs and a deep set of cute dimples which made me want to kill her. 
Since then, there was nothing I wanted more than my own set of dimples.
That's a photo of me and my dimple. Better have one than none! 

I thought it'd be nice to share with you this clip I saw on Youtube.
It's called Komaneko, it's actually a "stop motion animation" film created by Tsuneo Gōda.
He is also the guy responsible for Domo-kun and Utada Hikaru's "Boku wa Kuma

It's a tedious process by which you make an inanimate object appear as if it were moving
by taking plenty of photos in a sequence that will then be created in to a film. 
It's really cute and you can just imagine the hard work that was put into this project. 
I hope you'll watch it if you're not too busy, there's a whole bunch of them on Youtube. 

I didn't get my supposed pink Maruneko, I'm counting on next week.
Heee but in relation to the Komaneko video, my Komaneko haul!
A cute plushie and an adorable purse. My cat heart is very happy!

Pfffft!! You know when I'm feeling down like this,
 I rely on quotes and sheer motivation to lift my spirits! 
I don't really like leaning on others during tough times 
Cause I don't want to spread my nega vibes.
 And it makes me feel out of character because usually I am the one people confide with! lol

So I guess people who are close to me might think I'm some kind of super woman or something.
But I think it's okay to feel down and be human sometimes, right?
If things goes well this Saturday, I'll let you know!
 Hopefully I can post something worth the read. 
Til then I am really sorry for sounding so crappy. 



How I feel sometimes. 

No, thanks!

Zombie Boy is quite attractive if you look closely, or is it really just me?
 I promise to get back to your blogs and flood your comment box with words like "SUPER"
Have a great weekend everyone! 
Til next post!


Huong said...

Aww you look pretty!
Dimples are nice, but i don't have

Lina Kim ♥ said...

komaneko reminds me a lot to komanechi from usavich ^^

Doll Justine ♡ said...

Aww Komaneko be so cute! BUT NOT AS GANDA AS YOU! *u* Naks cute ng dimples hihi <3 Nalungkot ako dun sa old man na merong "Penny or a smile" HUUU LOLOS ;^;


mama bear said...

You look super adorable!!!

Kimamoto611 said...

I love ur super cute headband =)

Emy said...

I feeel you! Haha you look sooo cute!

Lizeth Zepeda Ramirez said...

aww ypu look so cute ^.^ and the video its amazing and cute n.n <3 and I hope you feel better <3

hivenn said...

so cute! x hivenn

hyunaa said...

haha your dimple is adorable :) my mom and brother have one but I dont D: why genetics?? haha and I see rico the zombie! he was in that lady gaga music videoo hahaa

A M said...

cute ng dimple mo! my lis sis and mama has dimples too but not me :( nakaka sad hehe.. gusto ko rin magkadimples!
and cute nung video ^^,
it´s okay not to be okay nga diba sabi ni Jessie J. ;) hehe..
pero hope ur okay na! tc.

Hello Naka said...

i hope u feel better :3 u look really cute with ur usamimi and curls too :3 I used to b envious of my friends and i guessi still am :p
and i love domo kun ^^

thanhthao said...

Lol, I had to laugh when I saw that Voldmort and his henchman are offering free hugs, hahaha. No thanks is the right answer!!! XDDDD

Your picture is soo beautiful! You look so mature and good ;)

Aki! said...

The zombie boy is that guy from the lady gaga video, right? I thought he was very attractive.

H-o-o-p-y said...

I like it! Great post!

Monica Ai (桃仁香・愛) said...

love the pictures you posted, they're so inspiring :)
and i hope you feel better soon :( and i think your dimple is super cute! i wish mine were noticeable

Clementine said...

I do agree, I think the zombie guy is quite cute as well! (you look so cute in that picture! - loving your one dimple ^^)
and gosh! your blog is so so cute!

Sam Murakami said...

This is an amazing entry I guess! You sound so honest when writing this and wish you the best to feel better soon! (:

m. said...

i've always thought zombieboy to be good looking! (: (: also your plushie really is TOOO cute!

Miaojuan said...

Cheer up dear! :] You can always talk to me by the way :D

Dewi said...

Nice photos dear! Hope you'll blog again soon ;) xx

Dudoysan said...

hi nicole, this is bernadette! i miss following your blog!

lightbubblepop.! said...

hi! i follow you hoepe you do the same :)

♥ Natalie ♥ said...

You have such a cute blooog! Awesome, love to read and look on your pictures ♥
So, I'm a new follower! One step closer to 300 readers! (:

Sushee_18 said...

LMAO! love your post! that is one cute little dimple! you're lucky you got one.

love your blog! following you now! :)

Coco Lee said...

nooo its not jst you
zombie boy is my fav as well,
hes so attractive in a different way ;)

- coco