Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Validating Existence

Hi there! Do you still remember me?
It has been awfully quiet in here, don't you think?
Just took a vacation, you know, from life lol!
Thought I'd be nice to let you know I'm still alive

But hey, I'm here now and this site will be up and running soon!
Lots of new things and experiences to write about.
Not to mention this Blog and the Blogger needs a make over!
I'll be back some time next month! 

 Thank you dear readers, old and new.
For the mean time, I leave you with this
Just for laughs!
Til then!


kami-mika-kaze said...

YAY!I've missed you so much (>3<)
welcome back dear =D <3

JuuSommi said...

:D You're back awesome =)
welcome back ^^

Emy said...

Aww you're so cute! Welcome back :D

Kima Fernandez said...

welcome back : )

Meki said...

i'm glad you're back!

thanhthao said...

Yay, I finally waited for this moment when you are back from the virtually dead! Welcome back buddy, soglad to see a post from you! You look super cute and your cat does as well!

Meoki Goto said...

Heyyyy! Come back na! We all miss you, bb!

Sandra said...

I can't wait for u to come back :D

Naka said...

i love your blog layout and 6your still looking cute as ever i hope the vacation did you good :)

trishie said...

That's such a lovely picture of you. Look forward to having you back on blogoshere.

Monica Ai (桃仁香・愛) said...

welcome back pretty <3

Miaojuan said...

Hello ^^ <3 Love your cat ;) waiting for your newest post soon :D