Friday, April 8, 2011

Flu and Cute coordinates.

Hello my darlings *BIG VIRTUAL HUG*
I caught the flu, our climate is really moody, PMS.
But I'm almost fully recovered now. 
I should since I have an event to attend to tomorrow. *giddy* 
I heard spring time brings about flu in other countries.
I hope you are all well :D

I'm gonna share with you lovelies this magazine I bought recently.
I was looking for back issues of Japanese fashion magazines.
It was for my sister's THE aka Home Economics project.
She had to attend Summer classes because she failed to submit hers.
She said she doesn't know where to start since it's about fashion and stuff.

So there I was to the rescue! I'm not really familiar with this magazine
But the coordinates inside are really nice and helpful, too. 

The best thing about buying it, is that all proceeds will go to Japan.
At least in my own little way, I was able to contribute. 
I wish I could do more. 

It's just a shame, I really want to keep it.
But I have to do my sister's cut outs so :(

Maybe I can keep it! what's going to be left of it anyway.
Will try to hunt for more of these babies. 
Back issues please, so I wouldn't feel so guilty. 

Speaking of coordinates I found a few cute things to share.
Very cute outfits and what's in your bag thingies.
I don't know why they were drawn and who drew them.
If you do know please contact me so I can give proper credit. 
These are just too cute, ne?

I hope there's more of them waiting to be discovered lol!
I might draw my own coordinate and stuff.
It's not gonna be super cute like these but it'll be better
compared to photos of me posing and stuff! lol

Sharing this photo of my sister and I
This was a few weeks ago, I think.
6 year difference but the height! ._.
Kids now a days! 

Will now visit your blogs!
Til next post lovelies!


Hello Naka said...

i love the drawings too :3 and i hope u feel better :3 and i like the magazine photos thanks for sharing!

suki pooki said...

Those drawings are really adorable, Ive seen them floating around a lot and they seem super popular, if I was good at drawing I'd love to make one =P

I love jap magazines except they are very expensive over here =( nearly not worth the price >< But the coordinates are lovely!

suki pooki said...

p.s hope you get better soon!

Krissy said...

hey love :)
dont be scared of getting your teeth out... i was afraid too, but i had it done in hospital under general anaesthetic so i was completely asleep and dont remember a thing! no scary drills etc...!


SARA MARI said...

Oh Im sorry you've been feeling sick. Yes lots of people get hayfever around here in april/may, but luckily me not so much.

That RyuRyu seems to have really cute casual outfits that are the mainstream in Japan. Very wearable.

Cute photo of you and your sister!

Fern Li said...

ive never heard f that magazine before. xD but they have such nice cordis!
the drawings are so cute too!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Very pretty in that last photo! hope you feel better soon, and we've all caught the flu here as well!

grace said...

I hope you get better soon!! I had the flu and it was so annoying because I had the fever for 5 days and it was getting too hot haha

I love japanese magazines! but they're so expensive even though its worth it haha

and kids these days are getting taller. I'm 5'10" but they're coming really younger brother is taller than me and the youngest is getting there haha

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Lol, you first gave us all a big hug than tell us that you have the flu! Noooooooooooo!!! I'm gonna get the flue too now! jks
get well soon dear, and those drawings are so cute with whats in the bag thingy.

Ken said...

feel better lil bear~!

Hercy said...

Aw the drawing really look cute!! And you guys look pretty as well! You are such a very helpful sister, keke~ xx

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

The illustrations are so charming!

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

I whish I could be able to buy a Japanese girl's magazine!

Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better and very very well now. i am praying not to catch a flu again though. sobrang sakitin ko pa naman.

you and your sister are beautiful!

anyway, where did you buy the mag? i hope its not from online cause i dont know how to buy anything online.

junwei said...

the magazines are lovely, but the drawing too! you and your sister are pretty, both of you!


Mutsumi said...

Ah! Love the drawings!!!!
& I hope you're feeling better again soon!

You and your sister are both really pretty ♥

suki pooki said...

I know what you mean about siblings growing fast, Im the eldest in my family but both my siblings are taller than me T_T

Kanako_ageha said...

awww hope you get well soon! (;_; )

the drawn "what's in your bag" pics are sooooo cute! I might even try it out sometime myself if I find time for it.. a really GREAT idea! Just lovely!

and the picture of you and your sis is really cute♥

MayClover said...

I like the magazine photos, and those drawings are so cute... :O!
I have a cold ;( booh..
Hope you are feeling good ;) &cute photo with your sis!

Jello said...

hi hun! sending you a big virtual hug from canada! cute blog

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Pop Champagne said...

those drawings are great, sorry you've been feeling ill hope you get better soon! and I always like looking at asian magazines!

Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

awww. I reckon u're all better now xD~ and thanks for sharing all those images. it's just uber cute~

мoɴιcα-αι said...

glad to hear you're getting better >< pms on top of all of that is terrible :(
btw is that a gloomy doll?!

aki! said...

You always have the cutest fricking pictures.