Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kurobee's Special Day.

My darlings! How are you sweeties?
Today is April 3, and it's my 21st 17th birthday.
I will do my bestest to keep out of harm's way
For some weird, bizarro, totally unexplainable reason,
 I'm 100% more prone to accidents during my birthday.

I feel so happy and blessed and just overwhelmed. 
 And!! I feel really pretty cause I just had my bi-annual haircut. 
I hope this hairstyle would help me convince people on FB that I'm still in my late teens.  

I have never spent this much time and effort in painting my nails before
But not bad for my first zebra attempt, wait til you see my right hand
It's a complete mess! Man, wish I were ambidextrous lol!

Early presents came in yay! My sister actually got me something! LOL.
Just had to take a photo of the Kuromi ones.
Big thank you to my Tough Guy who helped me acquire some of these babies. 
Gah, so pretty and cute! :o My heart is happy :D

Lol! Remember last year?! I was like the birthday Scrooge!
I was telling you guys how I find my birthday insignificant and all.
I'm totally not feeling like that this year! That's a good thing right? 
Wow! this change is good, I have good feeling about this year!
Til next post my lovelies!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday nicole! i hope you are having a great time :)

such a pretty and cute nails to have on your birthday ha :)

suki pooki said...

Im glad you think differently about your birthday now and Im glad you had a nice one this year! Your cake is adorable especially with the momiji cake topper! Cute stuffies! Your sister is sooo sweet, usually my sister and I make a pact about whether to give presents or not that year because our birthdays are only a week later than one another. If we're other broke we agree not to give LOL

osiao said...

Your cake is so cute. \(*A*\)

Justine ♥ said...

I already greeted you on fb but, meh~

I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIRCUT ON YOUUU! YOO SO GONDO TALAGA LAH! *u* Happy birthday, and hope you have an awesome one kk~! <3

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty! :D

SARA MARI said...

Happy Birthday dear! You go on a lie about your age because I think you can get away with it. Plus its good to get a head start because when you actually do need to get to the age when you need to lie about it, noone will know your true age XDD

I love how you did your eye makeup and your nails are looking cute too. I'm so happy that you are feeling in a good mood!

Wow, so much kuromi!!

Hello Naka said...

happy birthday!!!!!

I hope ur cake is yummy and u have left some for ur readers :3 cute gift and im glad u were excited for ur bday :3 also u look cute :p

Hello Naka said...

also i lvoe ur bangs and the nails! my left hand sucks XD

Yapo Nightroad said...

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest person I've met here online!! :)

I may have a gift for you when we meet ^_^ Ozine ha!!!! :D :D

αвву M. said...

aaaw CUTE! and HAppy Happy Bday here too :D Have a super duper great one!

Valerie said...

Happy birthday! Your cake is adorable. <3

Meki said...

Happy Happy Birthday! You shouldfeel happy coz that cakes looks awesome!!!

SMASH said...

oh man, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY!! I hope you had the best day ever--eat an extra slice of cake for me :)

xo, Ashley MILK TEETHS

Meoki Goto said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CADYYY! LOL at Blogger's Dashboard thingy not enabling text modification lol, no wonder I read it as your "21st 17th birthday" HAHAHA :)) I love you Cadyyy, we'll be forever younggg ano behh hahaha, I love you ever! Enjoy your day! :* <333

MOON said...

Happy birthday to you ~
Happy birthday to you ~
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to youuuuuu ~ !!!!

You look so pretty in the first picture! Flawless skin, tall nose, natural hair and big eyes, you look so ulzzang!! :D

The cake look so damn pretty XD
and yummy too!! :D

Yep, that's what I had! After I tied it up I noticed my acne has decreased a lot wtf. and now when I look back it totally makes sense XD

Tasja said...

Woaaaahhhh~ Congrats :D!!
And that cake is too cute ^^!

Also I finally posted your necklace! I'm sooo sorry that it took so long, but I was extremely busy.. didn't even have time to go to the post office :(
So I hope it arrives soon ^-^/

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Happy Birthday! I know you will have a great year this year. Your hair do looks very cute :-)

Pop Champagne said...

happy birthday!!! hope you have a good one, and that last pic of the cake is ADORABLE.

Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

Happy birthday to you ^^ wishing you all the best for thisyear~~~

Lindsay said...

I've been wanting to do a simple gradient on my nails lately, but I realize I'd only be able to do one hand!

Happy birthday!

MayClover said...

Beautiful cake!
I wish you lots of health&awesome days :D hihi
Cute photo! xx

Haru said...

Belated Happy B-day!

Haru said...

Belated Happy B-day!

Valerie said...

Happy birthday! Your cake is adorable. <3

Hello Naka said...

also i lvoe ur bangs and the nails! my left hand sucks XD

SMASH said...

oh man, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY!! I hope you had the best day ever--eat an extra slice of cake for me :)

xo, Ashley MILK TEETHS