Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pause and Rewind

I never thought I'd say this but..
There is really going to be a time in every person's life when one would just have to pause for a while and think.
Whether the path you are taking will lead you to where you want to be.
How long will the ride take?
And are you even sure that's the right place for you to begin with? 
And if not, is it too late to stop? 
Can I change phase?
Kinda hard when you don't have PAUSE and REWIND.

Just a sudden, not to mention random epiphany.
Been living in the fast lane for as long as I can remember 
I thought I've forgotten how to stop and think.
Never paid that much attention to signs and directions.
I just kept on moving forward.
Contemplating can either be fun or deadly

A recent purchase
Connector rings with "LOVE"
Prolly the only thing I did right for the past 3 years. 
Instant ramen noodles for breakfast then back to work.

ugghh, I need to get out of this mood
getting way out of character x.x 
Til next post!

P.S I am so okay my darlings, just undergoing some wishful, unexpected, unwanted thinking LOL!


Gale said...

I completely agree about having to slow down and take a look. Even when you think you are going down the road you very well chose, there's always gotta be that evaluation time to decide if it's still doing it for you or not. Right now I'm at a stage where something's really got to change. Love your blog, best of luck with things!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Love the quote~ great reminder!
There're seasons in life, hope you feel better soon, luv!

Yapo Nightroad said...

hey are you ok?? :| im not used to see you really worrying!

OrangeFay said...

The same questions that has been haunting me for the past few month (when I'm sick) hahaha. I think its really good to ponder about these kind of question sometimes because its will make us think hard and try to plan for future. (just in case our future plan A fail and we got back up plan B and C) ;p

Oh. I love the quote! ^^

Hyuna said...

cute ringg :) feel betterrr, I hope your thoughts get organized!

suki pooki said...

Aww I hope you feel better soon and fly out of the mood! I agree with your post though, to be honest I think about my future constantly! Im a person that stops and thinks all the time and yes I wish I did have a rewind button more than a fast forward one!

hahahah does Halloween Town sell HK stuff? lol I think you can check Sephoras site to see if they ship to where you live =) I hope that they do! Thanks for the comment on my cardigan! I love it too! And it recently got stained a bit pink too!!! I hope I can bleach it back to the way it was!

Anonymous said...

Lovely ring, and i agree with you. this morning i had one of those moments. great quote love!

☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Be happy ne~~ o(;A;)o I hope you feel better soon ♥

Pop Champagne said...

aww I love that quote because it's true! it's strange, there are things I wanted when I was younger but it never happened but it is happening now. and I'm not talking about getting boobs because I still want boobs ;) I hope all is well with you, good luck!!

MayClover said...

I love the quote, I completely agree. Hope you'll feel ok very soon!xx

Hello Naka said...

i love the ring ^^ :p lmae pun... XD i love the look of three/two/four finger rings, but im scared of the lack of mobility of rmy hand D: my typing would be even more impaired!

living the fast lane sucks sometimes :( i wish i was still the saem 15 year old girl i was and had years to decided wat I wanted to do, not months :(

dont think too much!

Anonymous said...

what a nice statement. im inspired, so thanks for sharing.

you are probably stressed at something and burned out. yes, you need to pause and take a break or you will lose focus. then, come back and be awesome again!

MayClover said...

Hi! I gave you an award ;D x

aki! said...

I was reading a blog post the other day and she said, "It'll all be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."