Monday, July 4, 2011

Favorite things

Hello darlings! I received several award/tags and unfortunately
I only found the time to do them today so my sincere apologies!
I received this award from Lina Kim ♥ MayClover and Mutsuminism
Thank You darlings!! this really means a lot, coming from you heee :3

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MayClover is a lovely girl from The Netherlands.
She is in to a lot interesting things from anime to photography.
She even made a tutorial on how you can create a cute size studio!
She's watching K-On currently so please check her blog!
It's full of cool photos and pure awesomeness!
She even had a photo of a girl with LED falsies, mega coolio!

Mutsuminism is one hella of a cool girl from Germany.
I first stumbled upon her blog when she did this cool giveaway.
It includes one super fluffay foxtail (who gives away foxtails?! O.o)
and so my furry obsessions came over and I've been her follower since.
She is one of the most stylish girls I know here and she always
has the coolest clothes, the coolest shoes and accessories, I swear! 
Imma raid her closet good when I get the chance loool! JK!!

And Lina Kim ♥!  she is a lovely girl from Indonesia and just the epitome of cuteness! Visit her blog and you'll know what I mean.
She is a fellow cat lover, yay for us cat ladies! and beauty/make up blogger.
I specially love her reviews on Korean cosmetics, her reviews are always so informative and helpful!
One of the many things i love about her is how she prefers to keep her look fresh and natural! Lina is also the person I talk to when I am having some layout issues so, THANK YOU LINA!! 

Hm, Things about myself:
 My name isn't really Odeath, nor am I 16, nor do I live in your wildest dreams!
 I'm a just a cat who lives in Manila who lies about her age all the time! So sorry, can't help it!
I have only 1 sister, she's 15 and I'm the eldest, oh bullocks!
My sister and I both have N.B initials, our names were taken from our parents' names put together.
My Dad's name starts with N, My mom's with B. My parents were high, I think. 
 When I was younger, I wanted to become an archaeologist.
I am currently listening to A.F.I, just cause I had the weirdest crush on Jade Puget when I was 16.
(which wasn't too long ago) ahahahahah!!! 

So I'm tagging nine lovely ladies for this award!

And this be a lovely tag post from the adorable Lina Kim, I luff this girl!
It's called

"10 Things I love"


I enjoy collecting them! stickers, letter sets, deco tapes,
planners, etc. And I never use any of them because as you must have known..
I've terrible hand writing, and I might totally ruin the cuteness of it.


A long time ago, I was actually uglier than my usual self :I
And I befriended books instead of boys.
And yes, I grew up with Harry Potter.

Letters & Parcels

Oh dear, who doesn't love surprise packages?
active blogger = active mail life = joy!
Although there is the occasional online impulse buying.
(to make the most out of the shipping fee, yes, watch out for that)

I dunno who made these illustrations but they sure are pretty.

Girly necessities, don't we all?
I can't commit myself to just one style, I dress how I feel.
So *looks at outfit* yeah, I feel lazy most of the time.
But I love clothes too much.. just that I hate paying for them ._.

YG for Big Bang and 2NE1

And to think that I wasn't the biggest fan of Hip Hop and RnB or K Pop, even.
Iono there is something about their songs that just simply makes me happy.
Like I wanna dance or something.. No, not like Whitney Houston.

City lights at night

 I miss looking down at the city with the pretty lights below and the stars above.
By the window on the 48th floor, In the wee hours of the night, enjoying my solitude.
Wondering when I could rob a bank so I can afford a place like this.

Gaming/Final Fantasy

Every now and then I take a short break from that thing called life,
and I consume myself with these addictive/eyegasmic console/pc games.
And when I beat the game, that's the only time when I can resume my life.
Fuck you Sephiroth, Fuck YOU! (my KH2 frustrations)


This is a given :I


I love animals and I've this special spot for cats.
If something bad happens to me, my cat will resurrect me and so I shall become catwoman Halle Berry!
 Can't wait! someone run me over or something lol!

Tough Guy

I am with  the sweetest man in the world!
 I told him that he and I shouldn't break up cause I've written quite a lot of posts about him in here. 
And breaking up means I'd have to delete those, which is kind of arduous and time consuming.
 So yeah.. we're together for good :))

So that's it for my ten loves! I tag everyone who's willing to do this tag!
It's really quite fun thinking and typing about this topic :3
I hope you had fun reading through this post.

Heee I hope it's okay to add my top 4 favorite obsessions!!
Please let me D: Yes? yes? Yay! 
Here goes!

4. Miffy!

Cause miffy is a cute bunny!

3. Gloomy Bear

Cause Gloomy is pink and violent but a little bit of a sell out lol!

2. Kuromi

Cute and sassy!

1. Maruneko Club

My strongest obsession so far! I am dying to have more. 
Omigosh it will take me forever to build a satisfactory collection.
There are just too much of then out there, far far away from me! x.x

And so sorry for the sudden MIA darlings, I did lotsa cleaning at home!
And now I've lotsa blogger work that needs to be tended :D

I hope you darlings are doing well, I shall now terrorize your blogs!
And Happy 4th of July to my friends in The USA
Til next post, loves!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks oh so cute! I love the photo of you & your boyfriend ^_^

Anonymous said...

this post is really cute! the picture of the kitty is sooo cute too! congratz on the tag award.

i felt the same way.when i was younger i wasnt very pretty actually i was pretty tomboyish too cuz i didnt think any guy would like me. but you are really pretty now! and you n your bf r so cute. i like how you told him you will delete all the posts about him if you guys break up haha

PopBlush said...

I love animals too~~
And I like those fashion illustrations, I would actually wear most of that style~

Lina Kim ♥ said...

I gave you the award too back then ^^

perhaps I forgot to tell you bout this..huhu.

t said...

Congrats on the blog award!

aki! said...

The line about your parents being high when they named you really made me laugh. I can't imagine parents like that!

-MIE☆- said...

Congratz on the award~!!
I shall stalk your blog too!! hahaha... I feel bad that Im only receiving comments... *antiscocial* ^^' but don't worry you'll be seeing more of me muahahaha~

I love sanrio charas too!! Too bad they dont sell them here T_T or when they do and cost you an arm and a leg -_-"

Nettie said...

Cute <3 I'm a big bang fan too! :)

Mutsumi said...

..thank you so so so so much for those lovely words about my blog/me ♥ I'm close to blushing, haha~
and thanks again for accepting the award and passing them to more amazing bloggers ♥

harry potter!!! I LOVE harry potter ♥♥ glad you like it, too!!

and the obsessions...good(but expensive) choice ♥

MayClover said...

Lovely post!
That introduction... omg I cannot write a better one haha, you are awesome<33

I love all those things too, cute photos xx

Lina Kim ♥ said...

waaa it's ok. ahaha I'm not hate you (oc!)and I'm just soooo happy that you post about then things you loved! we have so many similarities though <3 yay for ailurophile, and is that your cat on the pic? soo cute. and OH the NECKLACE~~!!! my BF has the exact necklace too, he had it for 5 years already and that's one of his fave things too. Glad to read this post :3~~~~~ thanks to you <3 <3

Anonymous said...

hi thank you!! ^^

we have many interests in common, I love all you posted :D

pleasure amazing place said...

when I looked sparkling city lights at night, it was a bit of sleep at night. and Thank you also for your comment on my blog, I've become your follower.

mimi said...

awwwwww your stuff is so cute!! congratulations on the award! ^^ I love your pictures! they make everything look so kawaii~ but they already are so cute~ (:

Yue Moon said...

your blog is super cute!!! >////<

Hi I'm Yue from Buenos Aires Argentina ( your first visit from this country XD)

Hey i follow yoy becouse i fall in love whit your blog♥

kisses X333

Tootsie Jean said...

I love your blog. It's really hard to conceal the truth. You really deserve the award


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

I love Harry Potter too and I'm just about to start reading all the books again! :D

The Cat Hag said...

What a cute post, I love the photo of your adorable stationery, I used to collect those too, along with pens, pencils, erasers etc. :)

The Cat Hag

Ken said...

lovely stuff

Pop Champagne said...

archaeologist huh! I wanted to be one too, cuz I was really into dianosaurs, but then my dad was like no that doesn't make you money so I stopped haha! thanks for sharing these things about you :D

Jessica-Marie said...

Everything is so adorable! I love them also hehe.

Carina G. said...

cute post! :) i collected stationary when I was a kid.. :) loved them! city lights at night are very nice to watch too! it gives me a calm, happy feeling! :)

im following you now! hope you could come visit my blog and maybe follow back? :) i would be very grateful! :) looking forward to your posts! :)

Carina G. said...

ooh and congrats on your award!

Mar said...

I love your posts, you just have all the cutest necessities! You received such great awards too - Congratulations! - Mar

Hello Naka said...

awh the last photo is thew cutest of all the of photos in the post ^^ and i love the things you chose :3 congrats on the award and thanks for passing it to me :)

Florence said...

omg i love gloomy bear!
and soo cute, kawaii!

awesome! gorgeous! Love it so much.

Thanks for your comment ! I just made a new post, check it out!

Mai Linh said...

cute pictures! ♥
Love, Mai Linh

suki pooki said...

I love all your photos! I befriended books to! =D Hp love all the way! I even bought a scarf from the park hahahaha but I never wore it at home yet =P Omg stuffies are the best and no, you can never be too old for them!!!! I hope you're doing well!

Silkybow said...

aw what a cute post! I love some of your favourite things too... Like yg, and fashion illustrations <3

Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

i too have such a soft spot for really cute asian stationary. i have pretty terrible handwriting but it's yet to stop my from writing someone ;)

Maria said...

I love those artsy cutesy stuff! Love everything!! and the two of you looks soooo good together :)