Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Phase One

I will write about love. .
Soon...After I’m done with this book which I've compelled myself to read
I will, however, write about something since I’m already here sooo....
 Got it! I shall write about this movie I saw a few days back.

It is called, “My Black Mini Dress” or something like that, it’s a South Korean movie, So I can only hope and wonder if the English title that came with the download link is legit, hehe!
It is a nice coming of age / chick flick though! So yeah, if you are somewhere in your early errr mid twenties and you’re faced with the usual, trivial, quarter life crises and issues such as career and the likes, you should give this movie a look see J

It’s not that great of a film in terms of depth and content but am not going to be over critical about the movie, I’m just going to be very safe when I say that it’s about the stories of four young women and their struggles... or the lack thereof... hint Park Han Byul!
It honestly got me questioning a lot of things going on with my life, like if it’s time for me to quit my job and strive to fulfill higher ambitions, or if I’m being too complacent about something, haha!

Anyway, I just wanted to see if I can still write and string words together, ya know? It’s been a quite a while since the last time I've read or written something so I really don’t know where to start, it’s like back to square one for me.. in love, too... and many many other things. 
I will keep in touch from here on. 

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