Monday, May 28, 2012

Want to know the most destructive force in the universe? Regret.

Tough Guy and I went out last night to go see Men in Black 3.
We are all about Will Smith, so the geek in us were all giddy, haha! We thought it was going to suck! Not so much action, just the right amount of comedy but the story and the sweet climax in the end is just perfect. I am trying to sound neutral as much as I can, I ship Will Smith so bad and this movie is just was pretty much my childhood OTL. I think I'm gonna go see it again with the family, definitely worth paying for. 

Some pointers, no spoilers: 
The villain is scary as shit, definitely got his point across the entire film. 
He is pissed and he will skin you alive. 
Nicole Scherzinger was smokin! She and her sexy shoes deserved more screen time, ugh. 
The guy who played young Agent K was stellar, He just feels like Tommy Lee Jones.  
And of course Will Smith's comical antics, crazy facial expressions and one liners from the hood. 
Oh and one more character, a galactic unicorn in the form of Griffin, so so adorable, 

So overall, you should go see this film, it's not as good as the first but it's way better than the second. Just.. don't over analyze the ending okay? It might ruin everything, haha! Just leave it to the myth busters. MoreWill Smith sequels please!! Independence Day 2? Bad Boys 3? I heard there is I Am Legend 2 coming up. 

So... before I even start talking about my unhealthy obsession with two black police officers and a hot Cuban drug lord, let me navigate this post to something more appropriate.. cute things, hello. 
School is about to start in 2 weeks and I thought I'd be fun to share some cute and useful things I've acquired as of late.

They look like one, big, happy family. Awhh. 

These are cellphone cases. My cousin took the pink one. Pft. 

Pretty patterns inside. 

This is a cutesy, tiny coin purse. 

Zipper is at the back. 

And a large pencil case, about 10-12 inches. 

Zipper is on the side. 

My favorite one from this lot! Super cute Fuwakoro ID holder/purse.

Where you slid your I.D

Zipper on top for small things. 

That's about it, I'm looking to purchasing more things like this. Things that are cute and useful at the same time; but the problem is I couldn't find it in my heart to use any of them, having them is enough to make me happy. 

Sharing my nails for this week, pastel pink and milky green. 
Hope everyone reading had a lovely weekend. I sure did. 
Monday again, oh joy. Til next post! 

Want to know the most destructive force in the universe?.... Regret


yaptus said...

we'll be seeing MIB here too, I love Will Smith as well, me and my sister knows that by heart :D

The alpacas are so cute!! Do you think there are Little Twin Star stuff where you get them as well? :3

Mie_emi said...

Oh yeah~ MIB3 has just come out last week for us~ still contemplating to see it or not hehe But omg!! They are soo fluffaay and cute! (八´∀`*) ohohoho~~ N loving the nails btw!!

Sam Murakami said...

Ohh the alpacas! I love them! I have the coin purse as well, but the keychain fell off and now it's only a purse :/ I also got three giant plush alpaca from the game center when they wanted to throw them out for another, newer goodie. It was supereasy to catch for only 2$ each I guess! :D Glad you liked the film, I'm eager to see it as well :)

Richelle said...

Love the alpacas! My favourite is the brown one and the one with the side zipper! The Fuwakoro is adorable! I still can't find anything of this character.

Ooo, I wasn't really interested in seeing the movie but I'll probably watch it when it comes out on DVD.

SavingCapulet said...

dba! will smith is so <3!! yes they have!!! are you looking for something in particular? :o I can send you photos if you want gaya kay mommy anz!

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so much! hope I can get more of these guys so I can start a giveaway :D

SavingCapulet said...

2$ for real? o.o girl you got lucky!! the cheapest big alpaca I have was store bought and thought I made a steal for 7$ but 2$! nothing can top that xD wonder if it's hard to get a maruneko from a UFO catcher ;A;

SavingCapulet said...

Richelle, I got you something! I'll post photos later :D

yaptus said...

i dont have something in particular~ any LTS stuff is lovely in my eyes hohoho! waaah ok lang ba? if it isn't so much trouble, I do want to have a look at the photos ^-^

Sam Murakami said...

Yeah I was good that day! :D But the bigger ones are always the most easy ones to catch. Well if it's hard or not really depends on the machine! There are generally 3 types of Ufo catcher and when you have the one good one you can catch everything with practice! My roommate is a Ufo catcher god, she catches everything for me xD Just never try the ones that have only one arm, it's kinda impossible to get sth from them ;A;

Silkybow said...

Awww those coin purses are adorable :3
The nail design is also very cute x

Thomas Gantz said...

The coin purs are great. And the movie sounds worth seeing. Once we get settled into our new life in Tokyo, I will :-)

SavingCapulet said...

thank you, Silkybow! :D

SavingCapulet said...

Thank you,Thomas! Good luck with your new life in Tokyo, I can't wait to read all about it soon :D

SavingCapulet said...

ikaw paa! cge I'll shoot you an email once I've hunted them down :***

Kati said...

Soooo cute coin purses!! I love these alpacas!

Richelle said...


You didn't have to get me anything! O_O

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so so much kati! <3

SavingCapulet said...

too late!!! it's on flickr, hope you'll like!

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