Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tokyo Girl x Planner!

I am proud to announce that I have started writing again, Well yeah, blogging here and there but I'm talking about writing! stories like I used to, but this time, I'm going to finish up my book of short tales! And it's funny, I got my inspiration from the weirdest people, the strangest places, ah! the smell of rich quality paper and a very cooperate ink pen which doesn't bleed, thou hath been misseth, did I type that in right? So yeah, writing about 4 titles atm, simultaneously.. dunno how long I can keep this up but you know, maybe err. hopefully I'll get to finish it, even just one..  

So I thought since I'm back to writing and blogging again, it's time to resurrect my dearest planner! That of which no smart phone nor compact and electronic diary thingy from Japan could ever ever supersede  Meh, just bought stickers, Korean stickers, hah! Anyway, Korean stationery are always so cute! we should totally spell cute with a k! like Kute. Or not. Bah, guess we already have kawaii to coin the term, hihi! 

ooh and lookie these cute kitty hand mirrors! aren't they sweet?!

Haha random mirror photo xD well it's related to the movie I'm going to tell you about and that aside, I think one of the most romantic things a guy could ever give a girl is a fancy mirror, cmon girls, we love mirrors! its something we use on a daily basis, so yeah, I am so going to marry the man who buys me an Anna Sui mirror.

I was actually attracted by the cover photo, she looks amazing, doesn't she?  Tokyo Girl is a very charming film, kind of like Lake House, only cuter, in a Japanese high school kind of way, it' has fluff written all over it, I tell you, haha! but it is heart warming, and the twist, ugh, the twist in the end is just, you know, slow clapping forever. Plus, the guy looks really cute ;) It's about this girl who dropped her phone in a worm hole during an earthquake, and somehow her phone managed to find its way to a young man who's a struggling writer during the Meiji era. Dunno how he's going to find a charger, you'll have to see for yourselves! 

It's 4:08 am, ugh the caffeine kicked in late, don't know why I'm doing this now :(( I should be asleep but that darned coffee! Anyway, I'm planning to visit this cool cafe tomorrow, if I have energy left in me of course. Also, I'm currently watching Switch Girl 2 and listening to Seiko Oomori while looking at inspiring photos on tumblr.. Someone help me :(( just shoot me to sleep! 
til next post! 


Ai Chusyu said...

All of them are so lovely! I enjoy the mirror too, and I have almost the same design as a cheap powder container I bought at SM dept store a couple of months ago!

Buggiebean said...

glad to see you're back!

kati said...

Good to hear you are back at writing sweetie!the pictures are so cute <3 <3 I really wanted to see this Tokyo girl, but do you know any place where to watch it online? ^^

SavingCapulet said...

thank you!! :DDDDD

SavingCapulet said...

oh yeah i think i might have seen those designs, too!! waaant! <3

Nicole Bianca Cabasal said... linkieeee

Vermillion said...

Good luck with finishing your book of short tales! It seems like an interesting project :)

I totally agree that Korean stationery is cute. I used to buy those type of stickers which you have from Gmarket all the time xD