Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GEO Review and Easter Cuteness

Hello folks! I hope everyone had a great Easter! 
We had just finished celebrating Lent here in my country
Boy, I thought I'd lose myself a few pounds since we can't eat meat for 3 days.
I think I gained a few, actually. Chocolate rice porridge and plenty of seafood.
Say hello to Tanya, my talking tummy. 

GEO Nudy Blue CH-622 Review

Well, today I'm gonna review these lenses which were sponsored by
 Val of Dull to Doll  shop. Do check them out!
They have Geo lenses, Nyx cosmetics, Prettia hair products and lots of pretty floral dresses. 
Not to mention Val is such a sweetheart, a gorgeous one, too and she's very accommodating!

I sure hope you don't mind my babies joining in the fun ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ
They just love packages!

Speaking of packages, isn't the presentation just divine?
It's so freaking divine, my mom took my round box the moment she saw it.
So now I'm like.. box less (● ̄(エ) ̄●)

My mom's pretty gift box matches my not so pretty nails!

Miffy holding up the lenses, thanks love! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The important bits one should know. 

And here they are!

Photo SPAM!

Here's how they look up close. 

Here's how they look on me. Pardon my lack of presentation my darlings. 
Thought it'd be nice to go for the natural, everyday look.
And I just got off my graveyard shift so I look pretty crappy.

Glad that's over! \(T∇T)/
Had to edit the bags under my eyes, friend said I looked like a zombie. 

My Verdict:

I love the packaging so much I just had to make a criteria to let everyone know d=(´▽`)=b

Wore these lenses for 5 hours while doing some house work, yeah wearing lenses while doing the dishes LIKE BAWS! But didn't feel like I were wearing any at all. I recall falling asleep with my Geo Super Nudy ones.. do NOT do that. But wearing these was such a breeze, maybe the zero discomfort is a Nudy thing? 

It's funny cause I always thought bigger is better when it comes to lenses, apparently not. At some point in your life you are going to encounter an occasion where you'll need lenses that would give you that natural and sexy look which will not freak anyone out. 
These lenses aren't going to give you the dolly effect when it comes to enlargement, 
I find them quite small actually but they look fierce and edgy (the lenses, not me) (;-_-)/

I am biased when it comes to Nudies, I think they have the prettiest design! So you can just imagine my delight when I received my package. I love how it gives you that dusty, speckled, teary eyed effect. And how it naturally blends with your natural eyes, the outer ring isn't that thick and noticeable but it looks great nonetheless, it's a matter of perspective, I think. If you'll notice the lower part of my eyes, where the lens is just covering the white part cause obviously my irises are tineh! it kind of gives you that natural porcelain doll-like eyes which is pretty much the main reason why I fell in love with this series. 

This was my main concern, I thought they were grey! I mean it was a very light shade of blue. It's still pretty of course but it gives you that sharp, piercing kind of blue and totally not the deep and dreamy blue I was hoping for. I'm not saying it's bad though. 

My feelings about this product: 
I am very happy with my new lenses although it's a far cry from the bigger and darker ones I'm so used to wearing. But what I love most about it is the fact that I can wear this everyday with very little make up, or in my case, zero make up without looking like an alien freak or that super white chick from the My Chemical Romance video.

Heehee, if you want to purchase these lenses you can do so by clicking on the link below. 
I believe Val has plenty other designs to choose from (⌒▽⌒)☆
And you can use this code for a discount!

And belated happy birthday to Gerard Way, I just had to greet him here.
He's been such an inspiration to me in a totally not-emo-but-purely-artistic-kind of way. LOL
Meh, here are some cute photos my babies and I prepared for you guys!
Don't steal  and Hope you like!

My baby panda.

Maruneko love

Usazukin x Arpakasso

Miffy x Maruneko

Usazukin Twins

So there, sorry for such a lengthy post
I do hope my review would be of some use to you guys
Til next post darlings!

Rilakkuma wants to say Hi! 


rina-chan said...

Oh, I thought the lenses were grey too... Nonetheless, they're so pretty, love the halo effect!~

Naka said...

i hope you had a great easter too and nice review! i love your nails they looks really good :3 the photos of you looks great ^_^ and happy birthday to gerard way too :3 i love your plushies too

thanhthao said...

Waaaa, Bee, you look sooooooo beautiful, with or without lenses!! I didn't do anything on Easter, just relaxed at home, we had horrible weather here in cold Germany, where is spring I wonder???

My plushies also love love love packages, you must own a ton more than me, I guess XDD

Mutsumi said...

Haha you really love your Babies eh? I can't believe your stomache has a name ...xDDDD
Those lenses look great!!!! And you do too, not like a zombie or anything like that at all!

Sandra said...

I love your nails! I can see why your mum liked that bow too :D

Emy said...

Blue lens are always so captivating I love it *_____*

Richelle said...

Those lenses are beautiful and they look great on you!

I honestly love your kawaii, seriously, next time you buy some from that local store, you have to buy an extra of everyone that you buy because I'm probably going to harass you about where you found it!

That panda seal is to die for! I've been searching for it everywhere (hard to do since I have no idea what it's called, I just search "panda seal" or "seal panda"...doesn't give any good results). And those miffys are so cute!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

You like Gerard Way too? I think you're the best now! ^^

Also, the packaging is adorable and so pretty!

TJ said...

wow, your eyes look fierce!!! you look beautiful girl!
xo TJ

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so much for the kind comment TJ! the lenses are really starting to grow on me :>

SavingCapulet said...

I love Gway! c'mere gimme a hug girl!! \(★´−`)人(´▽`★)/

SavingCapulet said...

My dear!! you don't even need to say it! you on my list now!! It'll be great shopping for you cause we seem to have the same taste when it comes to kawaii things! <3 <3 <3 (*´∀`*人*´∀`*) hopefully I can get you a panda seal o.o

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so so much Emy!!! (^▽^)/\(^▽^)

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so much Sandra, I'll try to do even better next time!

SavingCapulet said...

I do love them fluffy things owo and thank you!! next time I'll try to look better >w<

SavingCapulet said...

oh dear is it really mighty cold there? D: cause it's really terribly hot in here right now ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ and I doubt the plushie collection!! I have a lot of them here just for you, just waiting for that one last package!!!!!

SavingCapulet said...

thank you dear naka!!

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so much lina!! <3 (人´∀`*)

crystal said...

you look so pretty!! I love grey lenses as they always turn out light blue ^o^

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so much crystal!! <3

Avy Stanford said...

Cute overload :)

/ Avy

Richelle said...

Aaaah, thank you so much! Yes, it would be amazing if you could find the panda seal for me but please let me know the price before you buy it XD (but if it's reasonable, then full steam ahead!)

Pop Champagne said...

I've actually been looking for a place to get geo lenses as the place I used to get it at is closed! thanks for recommending it!

trishie said...

Aw you look so pretty in those lenses!

Naka said...

thank you for the kind comment, it makes me feel so confident and happy :)

SavingCapulet said...

and you're waaay prettier!!!!

Cookiecat said...

^.^ I love the backgroud of your blog pandas :3 thank you for the review, I think now I´m sure that Geo lenses will be my first cirle lenses :)

Kati said...

You loooook super cute, nice lenses!! hehe and I like those nails! Did you do by yourself?


SavingCapulet said...

heee im glad to hear that and you are most welcome!

SavingCapulet said...

thank you!!! I bet you'll look way prettier with these lenses!

SavingCapulet said...

thank you so much!! i love your url :3 cookies and cats!!

SavingCapulet said...

Hi kati, followed you! yeah I do them myself :DDD

Beautiful_lan said...

omg! *-* your blog is so cute >.< i love the plushes and your nails