Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mana is not amused.

Hi guys, hope everyone is having an awesome weekend so far. 
Mine is lacking excitement meh. I was not able to attend my boss' 
daughter's birthday party, Tough Guy got sick so I am taking care of him atm.
Feel better soon, bunny!

Now guess what I'm doing? I'm watching Malice Mizer interviews. 
Yeah, crazy! It's just that these interviews were from 13-15 years ago and 
it was just in 2010 when people started uploading them with english subs

You guys should see this, super funny. 
Gackt is talking about his long and thin, not to mention hard ROD.

So when I saw the videos on youtube, I was like, Oh my Glob! there's my childhood right there. 
Well, not really but it was quite nostalgic and sad and oh, where had all the good times gone? 
I wish my much older and employed self could go back to yesteryear when Malice Mizer was in
their prime. That way, I might actually see them perform live and more lol. 

And I would love to see Gackt in his twenties, my goodness. 
Look at him, even if you take his voice away, I'd still want to marry him.
And Kami is so very missed. Mana-sama, safe to say he's god. 
And who'd forget Kozi and Yu-ki, Kozi is actually my favorite, very handsome
talented and funny, too. Wonder how's everyone doing. 
At least Gackt is still everywhere, and he kinda loosened up a bit, yeah?

Anyhoo enough with my fapgirl talk, Although Malice Mizer is somewhat
correlative with this topic, Mana-sama won't be pleased. 
Yeap, you guessed it, hate to talk about it here but its the only platform I have.
It's that trending living doll look, psht. Is it trending, really?
It's been around for ages but heck I guess once it gets to the normies
They all make a fuss about it. Or facebook, per se. 
Although I think Dakota Rose is beautiful specially without the edits.
Dunno why she denies photo shopping herself, She's already very pretty, what's there to loose?  
Get real girl and teach us how you do your stuff! Man, would love to have her skills! 
Anyway when I saw her photo, I didn't get the Barbie look right away.
My first impression was, OMG, it's Elaine Hendrix. 
She looks like her, right? I love Elaine Hendrix! 
So minus the I was a teen scene with a potty mouth thing, Dakota seems okay. 
Hopefully she'll come to her senses soon and post photoshop tutorials instead. 
Venus, well she has one hell of a mom, I'll give her that!
Hmm I wonder what happened to Magibon after her Japan projects. 
Meh, too much people talk, moving on!

But I hope this "dolly trend" would end soon. 
I have lolita friends who are really serious about what they do. 
And this lifestyle and culture should not be taken lightly like it's just some kind of trend. 
To others, it's their life. So, much respect to those who have committed themselves. 
If I were a lolita walking around with my dolly get up and someone would say
Oh look, she must be a fan of this girl from youtube! 
Oh hell naw, I'm going to beat that person senseless. 

(I'm still watching Gackt by the way haha!)
Heehee anyway, I wrote this entry because I think
I've been watching too much 90's J rock goodness.
I also hope I got my point across, you know with the doll thing. 
So here are some photos to end this post, hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Yummy Dessert!

Momo Panda and fluffy Maruneko, so lovely!

And my freebies, I got the package a few days ago.
Can't wait to show you guys! Tore the box like a mad woman.
Forgot to take photos first, oh well T_T
See you next post!


Mutsumi said...

MAlice mizer <3<3<3<3<3 I loved them when they were still active!!! I should listen to their music again...I even own original CD's haha. I started to like Gackt because of Malice Mizer, a few years ago I didn't like his music anymore BUT he came to Germany 2 years ago and I just HAD TO SEE HIM!! Unluckily he's totally in midlife crisis and you can just call him a FREAK. It's hilarious though. I enjoyed hearing his voice live, though I'll probably never go see him live again.

The doll trend is quite not new, right. In Germany almost no one know about Dekota. I came accross he rphotos a few times and I read about her mom (her sister had massive problems & even had an interview for the Rolling Stone Magazine) idk what the hell is wrong with that family...

Purple Ice Cream ** this looks so yummy!!!

Looking forward to see the inside of your package ♥

Mie_emi said...

Omg! wow! Gackt is soo young!! *O* And yeah.... I kinda steered clear of anything concerning VA and Dakota.... >< way..too much drama!! But sometimes I think people make too much of a fuss about nothing~ its their lives.. so let them live it however they want... lol... Looking forward to more posts tho~ ^^

SavingCapulet said...

oh gosh really?! o.o we need more japanese performers here in our country! we only have kpop so far, just that! Oh I heard khala sings better than gackt! I haven't heard any songs from MM during khala's era though. Oh the purple ice cream is actually yam flavored, Iono if you have it there but they are very good! xD

SavingCapulet said...

I agree all the way lovely lady!

Kati said...

Omg! Malice mizer!! So nostalgic, now I listen them in youtube as well <3 <3 The desert looks delicious!

SavingCapulet said...

awh I'm super glad to hear you like Malice Mizer, too!! thank you so much for the comment Kati <3!!

Richelle said...

I LOVED Malice Mizer! Was totally obsessed with them when I was in high school. I wanted to marry Gackt too! He was my absolute favourite. I had most of his CDs and now they're just lying there...

I don't like the looking-like-a-doll trend, I was never a fan of dolls since they creeped me out and having a human-sized one is one of my worse nightmares X_X.

Can't wait to see the right of your package!

Naka said...

the plushies look cute ^_^ its sweet ur looking after tough guy too :3 lmao the comment make me happy 'i'll beat them senseless' i wish people understood some people wear clothes before they want to and not to follow a trend XD nice post!

Naka said...

I've just quickly read over the 2nd link. whoa so much info! it's scary you can gather so much info on one person just through the internet, i think she's cute without photoshop, but her personality doesn't seem to match...

SavingCapulet said...

omg are you kidding meee? HAHA! I'm sure you can relate to this. Some online friends were shocked to read about me listening to Malice Mizer all because they thought I'm the cutesy plushy girl so they all couldn't believe it, :)) I guess it's the same with you, too! can't we be cutesy and cool at the same time? We both badass kawaii killers :))

SavingCapulet said...

heehee I'm glad you agree with me Naka, Thank You!!

SavingCapulet said...

Yeah, it's a real shocker! >.< talk about extensive research!!

Konayachi-nyan said...

I think I agree ^_^ dolly style and lolita is fun and I'd like to do it once or twice, but not change my whole lifestyle to become lolita because, that would cost me a lot and I'm not rich, especially I live alone so that's too much for me >,<" but, once or twice dress as lolita would be fun though =)

Re: Wah~~ I wish the rain comes to your place and chill it alright ^__^"
Today is my last day of exam! I will be free soon ^^ thanks for the comment and encouragement =D

sukipooki said...

I remember listening to Gackt during my early teen years, though it must not look like it hahaha Gosh I remember the days that anime/manga/jpop were so hard to get your hands on!

I've never heard of Dakota Rose till your post and she is pretty! But I agree that this "dolly phase" is really in and extreme right now and I agree about dressing Lolita, it takes guts and hard work! Aww your maruneko is adorable!!! Oh and I really like the panda background as well! *I'm having a brain fart as I can't remember his name* haha

MammaMoon said...

Wow. Malice Mizer..that takes me back.
Did actually see them and well..current VK just doesn`t do it for me
the same as they did all those gazillion years ago. ^^; Awesome times. *trip to nostalgia*
Love the plushies. ^^<3 Maruneko is so cute. ^^d
Thanks for checking my bloggie! I`m glad to have found yours
and followed back. ^^d MMxoxo

SavingCapulet said...

Thank you so much for following back! I agree with you on that ten folds! I'm so envious you got to see them live! it's like everything was better off 10 years ago xDD

SavingCapulet said...

lool! it's tare panda!! haha thank you so much for your comment! it made me smile! I agree with you on jpop goodness from like 10 years ago, those were the days! *le sigh*

SavingCapulet said...

awh me too!! and thank youu!! yes it has been raining here and the cold bed weather is just what I needed! I hope you are well! I'll drop by your bloggie once I get off of work! <3