Saturday, November 15, 2014

Coffee, Tea or Endoscopy?

Hi! I have been complaining of stomach pain for the longest time, I am a coffee drinker so I thought it's the tummy acids acting up, I thought it was something normal err manageable..  I knew I had gastritis but Doc said it'd be best to do endoscopy so they can give me proper medications.

My boyfriend accompanied me to the Doc's and they had to put me to sleep using Propofol, which is the closest thing I'd get to getting high using illegal drugs, so that was a weird *but cool* first time experience for me. Yay, I feel such a trooper, it was the same medication that killed Michael Jaskson, the nurse said. The above photo was taken by me after I woke up from the drugs, so funny! 
And ohai my heart beats for you! 

 I had been fasting for 8 bloody hours so you can just imagine how ravenous I was afterwards.

I ordered The Good Fella Meatballs Pasta at Gotti's, to-go. It was so darn good, I want to cry. It's the sour tomato type of pasta, not really fitting for Pinoy Taste but that's how I like my pasta. 

And I also had this mediocre tasting dish from Sizzling Pepper Steak, shame because the crew was really nice and accommodating, ambiance was good, too. But Iono, nothing special about this dish, We also ordered tenderloin steak but it was too small, their portions are terrible, I'd shame them with a photo but I'd rather not. Like I said, they have good people working for them. Sayang.

We were both dead tired, and full, and sleepy and we've a long drive home so we had to do this take out. I feel really silly for secretly collecting Starbucks stickers for the 2015 planner, I feel like I'm conforming to either the massive consumer rave VS Starbucks' annual holiday marketing strategy, Lel! I am a planner girl, I will not think twice about investing on a good planner, and I know which layout works for me, this planner from Starbucks looks like gold so hopefully I can get me all stickers before deadline :) 

Til Next Post!
P.S. I am well and healthy <3 


KimStyle said...

omg...are you okay now? I hope nothing bad happened to you darl > u < pls get well soon :))

SavingCapulet said...

Yes I am okay now the meds are doin their job, thank you Kim <3 <3 <3