Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Neko Gals - 11/6/2014

 Met up with Senpai Paola aka XOUSHII last Thursday! 
We met back in 2012, we used to work together saving the world and stuff, that's why I call her Sempaii or Sempao
She suggested this new place in Eastwood, Potts Point Cafe, it's an Aussie joint, I really liked it there. It's not zen or anything, they have this vegan, organic, hippie, vintage thing going on as far as their interiors and displays are concerned, it's like those concept rooms on Pinterest.

We weren't really hungry, we were just looking for a nice place to stay, but since we already here we oughta try something. Being the tea cat person that she is, Sampao ordered English Breakfast Tea, while I had..Geesh, I dunno what I had, it's a nut shake, wait Imma look it up.. 

Sempai collects vintage and imported liquor, so this shot was mandatory.

We ordered Smoked salmon and spinach eggs Benedict, soft salmon and flavorful toppings so much joy. The Breakfast Smoothie I was telling you gals earlier, was totally yum and my heart is craving for it badly.  

We talked about cats, books, and pretty much our lives in general and where this and that would lead to. I really had fun with Sempai, a day worth of chit chat is not enough when you're talking n hanging out with the right person ^_^

Belated Happy Birthday, Neko Sempao! :3 

Til next post, Loves <3 <3 <3

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