Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nail Art Love with Nyanko Sensei

I am sooo over with my antibiotics, man! I always seem so weary and I've sores poppin outta my mouth like daisies! I drink a good 8-10 pills a day for treatment and my wallet ain't sitting so well. I am not complaining! Maybe a little.. but truth be told my health is something I don't like investing on, I'm healthy as a horse *grin*

Boyfie promised to come with to the salon so I can get my nails done, we went to Nail-a-holics, SM Marikina cause he was to lazy to drive anywhere else #antipoloproblems. A nice gal named Alice did my nails, nail art included. Isn't it pretty? I do love it to bits. The place was well lit up, the sounds were soothing, the couches were super comfy, the ladies doing the nails were nice, and they've sweet atomizers <3


It's just a bit too pricey, I'll do a breakdown. 

Manicure -  180PHP
Orly Nail Polish - 80 PHP
Nail Art - 300 PHP 

Do all mall based salons really charge that much now a days? Not that I don't have enough money to pay for it, I just wished the lady in front could have informed us how much the total amount would be, it' s really pretty and all but it's a nail art that I could have done so myself, If I knew I'd be charged for 560, I coulda given 'em a challenge xD Or I could have had my nails done with Gel Polish somewhere else, diba? Mahal!

Anyway, the gals working at the salon were all sweet and nice to me. I am happy with the looks, but I still feel like I got the shorter end of the stick. I hate lesson learned moments like this. ugh

Poor thing got so bored, all they have at salons are girly mags so... "No Techy magazines!!!" He cried as he requested for a MEN - icure, also haha!

My toes are but a cute shade of blue for  260PHP.

I am looking forward to another salon trip soon, I do a lot of chores at home and I'm 
thinking my nails could use a good gel polish, teehee!
Til next! 

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