Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sweet Nails!

Mew, thought I'd take decent photos of my nails before I go to the salon :3
I was going for pastel goth, ain't goth enough but it's good enough to look at :3
It's super hard painting with light colored nail polish, it always ends up either uneven or super thick that it doesn't even dry lel. 

 The boyfriend has this slight obsession with this game, Brave Frontier, wondering if I've readers who are playing this, too :3 These gals are my most recent units and I super adore them hah!


And yey for noms, sweet, sweet noms, it's starting to feel all Christmassy here, how bout on your side of the world? It's funny, as I grow older I start to get this feeling that Christmas is just another date on the calendar, but not this year. For some reason, Christmas feels are strong on this one

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